Mandatory Option

Mandatory Option


Mandatory Option is a rock band that plans to push the limits of what other bands haven't really tried yet. The band is creating rock music, but can range from metal to funk, and alternative to punk. We try to make song sound a little different from the last, creating a variety of genres.


If there is one band that music lovers should be looking into, it should be Mandatory Option. Hailing from Schaumburg, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago, the band has started to become a well known name around their area. Hoping to break through to a bigger fan base, the band has recently played in ConcertsFirst's Battle of the Bands at the Congress Theater in Chicago. The band has also played at the Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they played the side stage opening for Atreyu. They are now planning to play there February 29th for the Angels & Airwaves show. The band has fused many styles of rock together to create the ultimate rock band. Many listening find the music to sound similar to a variety of other bands that they admire or listen to regularly. The goal of the band is to make great music that fans and listeners can enjoy all the time. Punk, metal, funk, alternative, and hard rock are just some of the styles the band incorporates into their music. Creating new music regularly has helped the band plan out many concerts in hope to search for their big break.


We are currently making demos to pass out at our shows, and when we are done with school this semester we will be trying to make our first ep or lp.

Set List

Lately, our setlist has consisted of:
- Tide High
- Shepherd of Sins
- No Safe Haven
- Waste In Vain
- Rectify
- Colorbomb

We have been getting 25 to 40 minutes at our shows but we have enough songs to play over a few hours.

More songs that we can play (originals):
- Motaba
- Nomad
- Madam Duplicity
- Master Mustard Seed
- She’s The One
- (From The Hills of) Worcester
- Desotic Kindred
- Ketchup Only
- Nothing Left To Bleed
- Interlude
- The Punk Song
- My Final Thought
- Ketchup Only

Covers that we have played (Song ~ Artist):
- The Office Theme Song
- Dani California ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Wendy Clear ~ Blink-182
- When I Come Around ~ Green Day
- Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison
- Low Rider ~ War
- Play That Funky Music ~ Wild Cherry