Messerly and Ewing

Messerly and Ewing

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Messerly and Ewing are among Cincinnati’s most respected songwriters. They have won both local daily & independent weekly local music award for Songwriter of the Year as well as the NARAS songwriting contest and 97Xposure.


Messerly and Ewing continue to evolve. Celebrating 15 years together in 2009 M&E have put together a new band featuring a more eclectic guitar driven sound and a rhythm section of Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian. They will be playing extensively this summer and fall to support the release of their 6th CD. While M&E’s schedule slowed in resent years with Mark and Brian spending time working with other local bands including Wussy, Catalog Cowboys, and 7 Speed Vortex, they continued to play as an acoustic duo until late in 2008 when they decided it was time for a new direction. Messerly and Ewing are fully embracing the indie-rock and pop feel that has always been a part of their sound. In short…expect the unexpected.


Love Comes…Love Goes

Written By: Brian Ewing

Love Comes…Love Knows
All My heart
Love Comes…Love Goes
I fall apart

Love Comes…Love Grows
I’m alive
Love Comes…Love Goes
How will I survive?

Keep it all inside

Love Comes…Love Flows
Strong and Free
Love Comes…Love Goes
Meant to Be

Love Comes…Love Choose
Here to Stay
Love Comes…Love Goes
Just Another Day

When It Comes Down To You

Written By: Brian Ewing

I always question answers
That is just my way
The unreasonable reasons
I am here today
I wanna know why, we keep on moving on
I wanan know why, all that’s gone is gone

Every suspect is suspect
Every word’s a lie
Every lover seeks another
Every word’s goodbye
I wanna know why, love will come and go
I wanan know why, there’s nothing left to show

But when it comes down to you
There’s no wondering what’s right
You’ll be there to help me through
Your are my path your are my light
Though I always knew I knew
It just dawned on me tonight
That when it comes down to you
I’m positive you might…love me...too

Every road is traveled blindly
You never stay on track
And even if I tread it lightly
There’s no coming back
I wanna know why, years will follow years
I wanan know why, tears will follow tears


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