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Early life
Mandy was born near Detroit in Gross Point, Michigan as Amanda Nicole Burnett. At the age of seven her family moved to Troy, Michigan. At the age of two she began dance lessons and continued them until her teens winning many competitions. She also took a liking to gymnastics at an early age. By the age of ten she was traveling all over the US for competitions, camps and training clinics. While a senior at Troy High School in Troy, Michigan she under went back surgery at the Children's Hospital of San Diego, California for Scoliosis ending her gymnastics career. Since she is no longer able to be a competitive gymnast she spends much time back in the dance studio which she truly loves! After high school Mandi went on to attend the University of Evansville, a small private university in southern Indiana. Now four years later Mandi is done with college and looking to advance her modeling and acting career to its full potential!

Mandi has already accomplished many wonderful things, but to her this is just the beginning. She wants to become the most successful women she can be and is ready to take action now!

As a toddler mandi graced many pages in a JCPenney (1987) catalog. By nine years old she had earned a solo position in the Detroit Fox Theaters Nutcracker Ballet Production as an acrobat. She performed with the Nutcracker ballet for six years as a solo performer gaining great exposure in front of over five thousand people a night. At age eleven she appeared in her first commercial, a Ford Caravan bit that ran during January 1995. In the following years she spent the majority of her time consentrating on her gymnastics and dance careers. It wasn't until her senior year in high school that Mandi was bit by the modeling/acting bug again. In March of 2002 Mandi appeared in two bridal magazines (Modern Bride,Bride Magazine.) Soon after she left her home in Detroit to attend college in Indiana. She has just recently graduated and is ready to find an agency/manager that will help take her to the top. With her stunning often compared to a blonde Carmen Electra looks and great personality she wants to become the next superstar!

I am ME. I am complicated and outgoing. Sweet at times but very ad as well. I am a really don't know what you are going to get at any watch out!! Don't sweat the small things in life, don't let others bring you down. Words are the worst weapon in the world, so pick them carefully. Live today like it's your last. Love like you have never loved never know when it ALL can be taken from you. Love and hate go hand and truly love you must know real hate. Some think I'm cold, some think I don't show emotion...maybe I'm just a scared little blonde girl. I don't want to hurt...but Lord knows I have. I was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit.. I'd have to say i'm a semi resident of West Hollywood though.. I frequent Sunset Strip as often as my income will allow... and WOW have I learned lessons ..and I'm still constantly learning new things and new ways to handle one is perfect...not even close. Accept me for who I am..if you judge me, then I don't need you in my life. Negative energy bugs me. Surround yourself with positive thoughts even if you feel in the dark. Never look back. something I am guilty of doing many times. The ocean sets me free. The rain turns me on. The sun warms my senses. The wind on my face makes me feel alive. My style changes week to week sometimes even day to day depending on my state of mind ..My hair is a different color every few months.. my hair dresser hates me i'm sure :). Its very hard for me to be content because I want so much out of life I always want more more more for myself and the ones I love! I love music, it drives me, learning to DJ makes me giggle. Being a model liberates me...being naked brings us back to our core. Being "Mandi Nix" is a character, a role...get to know me and you will see the real me...don't be frightened.. I don't bite... HARD. Smile at someone who isn't, in hopes they will smile back. Help others, be there for your friends and family no matter what.. i cant stress that enough! Tell me if I'm being a fuck-up or an asshole, don't be fake with me. I have made my share of mistakes...I can accept when I make more.. just tell me! Live and learn..and live some more! Never take ANYTHING or ANYONE for granted...cherish your health everyday. Truly listen when someone speaks take the time to really hear them out. Always express yourself, screw what others think! Be you! I have been a free spirit my whole life....My boxer puppy ( and by puppy i mean a 75 pound 3 year old female) is my baby. my world! Laugh, play, cry, feel, experience..make it so you NEVER have to say "what if" cause those are two awful awful words. Make memories..dream...but then make that dream happen! Fate, desire, greed, pain, love, loss, l