Mandi Rae

Mandi Rae

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

A passionate woman with real songs that reach into each listener's soul and relates to real life experiences. It is music that pulls from every Genre to create a unique sound, which, in combination with the songwriting make Mandi Rae someone worth listening too.


Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised everywhere else, Mandi Rae grew up in a military family and embraced the challenges that a traveling childhood provided, as evidenced in her songwriting, her personality, and her ability to relate to just about anyone.

Mandi’s current musical influences include bands such as The Avett Brothers and Iron and Wine but, as with every true romantic, she is open to all good music. She describes her songs as “folk rock” or “Americana,” while someone once said that she, “…sounds like she is just singing what she’s thinking, like she’s having a conversation with you.”

She abandoned piano lessons when she was a little girl because, as she puts it, “My parents pushed me so hard I developed a hatred for performing in front of anyone.” But the seed had been sown. Later on she taught herself to play the guitar, then banjo, and that’s when she says that her songwriting really took off. Starting with an open mic night at The Moonlight Music Café, she quickly became a popular fixture in Birmingham, has opened for her musical heroes, The Avett Brothers, and has recorded at Quad M Studios in New Orleans, LA.

“Unaffected” is the title of her first 14 song CD. It’s her with a guitar, banjo, and harmonica delivering her music with powerful simplicity. Her lyrics are peppered with a wry wit and “seen it all” wisdom that belies her tender age of 21 and they ride on relentless strumming, like the rhythm of a train that is starved for more track.

In October 2006 Mandi Rae now joined by her backing band Westover Water released Gettaway, a 14 song CD featuring songs with hints of pop, rock, bluegrass, folk, and a little bit of everything else mixed in. Mandi Rae and her band successfully toured the midwest and west coast in support of Gettaway. Upon release the CD was featured on WBHM's local music radio show Tapestry. Since the release of Gettaway, Mandi Rae and Westover Water have been selling CD's and playing shows at a wide variety of venues in Birmingham and throughout the South East.


Album Title: Unaffected (2005)
Includes 14 Original Songs. Played on radio stations in across the southeast.

Album Title: Gettaway (2006)
Includes 14 Original Songs. Played on radio stations throughout the southeast.

Set List

90% original songs. Covers may include Old Crowe Medicine Show, The Avett Brothers, Talking Heads, Just About To Burn, Janis Joplin.