Mandolin Man Group

Mandolin Man Group


Bruno Cheli alias Mandolin Man is to mandolin what Clapton & Santana are to guitar. The unique sound of Mandolin Man meets pop, latin, hip hop, swing ethnic fusion etc. to create a refreshing new brand of world music. More artists, more styles, more music!


Bruno Cheli began in 1979 as Italian pop/folk composer & performer with RCA/BMG Italia, releasing various albums and singles.
"Ti devi decidere" was a big hit on Italian charts in 1986-87.
Since the mid-1990's he has focused on the mandolin as his main instrument, developing the sound of Mandolin Man which stretches from traditional folk to the ultimate world music.


Oasis - Tribaland vol. 2 (Italy)
Oasis - Oriental Mix (Germany)

Set List

We are able to stretch from 5 to 23 titles approx.
All songs & instrumental tracks are original and are definitely subject to some improvisation. No covers!