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Mobile, Alabama, United States

Mobile, Alabama, United States
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"Review from Local DJ"

Usually I hit Gabriels (Joachim) (downtown Mobile) after Bayfest every year - this year I went to see a band that stole me heart at our Radiothon last year.They're called ManDown and they are amazing.

It was a walk. They were playing at the old Soul Kitchen - I beleive the place is called "Alabama Music Box" it's on lower Dauphin St. I've tried to make their shows before but my work schedule doesn't always lend itself to everything I want to do.

Let me back up a little - I heard ManDown on our Radiothon last year (this is where bands pay us to play them with the $$ going to the Children's Home Society. Their song is called "A Hazy Waste" and you may have heard it on Nooners from time to time. It's one of my favorite songs - top 10 easily (and I'm counting Rush and Tool btw) since I heard it last year.

So - Ray and I start walking out of Bayfest and down Dauphin. And down Dauphin. And down Dauphin. Every time we thought we saw their venue - which we were assured was somewhere on Dauphin - it would be a weird hat store or something. We see some - what Shark would call hair farmers - on the street. One of them recognizes me from - presumably - last year. Paul and his girlfriend Becca. I hear "You're in the right place, Candy" which looking back could have been said by God - not just the guitar god - but the one people fight wars over.

The band is outside - thankfully they haven't started yet - and I'm excited to meet them all. The 4 piece is very unassuming and well spoken and their girlfriends (the singer is single) are all equally sweet.

On a side note - what happened to band girlfriends? I have met so many bitchy jealous whores that date/marry band guys - and they're enough to keep you away from seeing someone you kinda like. Girlfriends/wives have taken a turn for the better over the past few years. I should write a blog on that - . My husband's band's wives have all been awesome too - before Ray though? Not so much - but again - that's another blog.

Regardless - the girlfriends are nice. Their friends (that I met) were nice. The bar people were nice. Turns out I knew the bartender, Chris - one of my favorite vocalists. All in all - the night had several good omens so far.

Before we walked in, we heard the strains of what appeared to be a brass band kind of thing - some sort of Beast Rising or something - they sounded great also.

We order two Red Bulls (we had a drive ahead of us afterwards) and I took a place in front of the stage. That's when my soul was moved. No lie.

The band was in place - and I feel like a shit for writing these words - I was kind of hoping to hear my favorite song "Hazy Waste" and then we'd slip out - like we do with every concert. Little did I know - I'd get hooked on these 4 artists like a child on cartoons, like a scottish person on heroin, like a Republican on money - no shit - this band was THAT GOOD.

If I had to compare them to anything - I'd have to say Mars Volta meets old Incubus meets old Chili Peppers. I hate comparing bands to other bands - because most bands have their own thing going on (except maybe Theory of a Deadman who is basically Nickelback lite) however comma this band has some great influences and they dont steal (see Oasis), their love of original good music lends itself to original great music.

For their entire set, I was torn between dancing spastically to every new song I heard and staring dumbfounded in amazement. As anyone that was there could tell you - I stared dumbfounded. Every time I felt myself starting to do more than bob my head and stay cool, I'd stop myself, turn to Ray and say 'what do you think' He'd say "they're good" and we'd go back to me trying not spaz out.

If I spazzed out though - I'd like to feel I wasn't alone - there were people dancing behind me - infact the bar filled up pretty quick when the band started playing - and people continued to enter through out their set - at $8 a pop. No small feat for an unsigned act.

The music was bar none outstanding, the bar was a great place to see a show - and the band had such energy that I was tired for them by the end of their set. The singer connected to everyone in the crowd - and when his voice floated over the bassist and guitarist and their flow - it literally lifted me from where I stood. The drummer is also - of course amazing - for lack of a better term. He plays so fast - and it goes with the song. I'm not a musician so I'm not sure if what I'm trying to say is coming out right. We'll see some bands that do the best they can and their drummer will try to become Neal Peart and it doesn't always fit. ManDown's precussion section is solid. The whole band is.

When they were done, I was literally moved to tears by their set and it wasn't a set of love songs or anything like that. ManDown has the best live show I've ever seen (and again, I'm counting Rush and Tool btw).

There are some great unsigned bands that deserve to be seen that maybe you won't find on main concert stages - Analog Missionary, 60 Cycles of Sound, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu, Terrific Kid, The Grey and Before 9 are just some of my personal favorites - ManDown joined those ranks on Friday night and shot straight to the top of my list.

Their songs won't do them justice on My Space - but I suggest you hit their page, befriend them and catch a live show.

Start with "Hazy Waste" and move on to any of their songs from there. It's funny "Waste" isn't even their best song - and I don't mean it like that. I felt like I was watching the next big thing.

I think I uttered to the bass player as we were leaving that if they were a commodity, I'd buy stock in them. If you're in a local band, I certainly meant no slight to you in this blog but I'd really like to invite you to hear this band and if you're in Pensacola - maybe invite them to play a show or two with you. You'll see me in the front row trying not to spaz out. I'd like to catch your band live too. I love music and I love people that love music.

That said - I love you. Thank you for reading - if you have a chance, take a listen to ManDown and thank me later.

And you look nice today.

Love, Candy - Self (


"Nice Use of Brown" out February.



ManDown started in 2004. It started with cousins Kevin McKeown (bassist) and Paul Lewis (guitarist). In 2005, Ben Ivey (drummer) and Locke Bowers (singer) joined the group, bringing their different thought patterns and unique tastes to round out the fresh sound that goes into the band's writing process.

First and foremost, they are musicians. Since their beginning, they've stressed writing music that's new and different - music that doesn't seclude one specific genre. They're a band that likes to write songs that are fun to listen to. They like to write songs that are truly original; and if they're not original, they're probably just fun to move to.

They're not a band that takes themselves too seriously, but they do have big plans in the future. This is overly apparent in the manner that they conduct themselves at shows. This is a band that can be extremely impressive and leave you laughing your way out the door when the night's over.

Make an effort to come see this band. They're talented and fun to watch like monkeys at the zoo.

-Mark Twain