Mandu Sarara

Mandu Sarara


The group, in their own compositions, search for the fusion of brazilian music rhythms –such as bossa nova, maracatu, samba, chorinho- with the harmony, the improvisation and the melodic complexity of jazz. Each musician play different instruments, wich expand the arrangement´s possibilities.


The quintet has, in their history, some international experience such as a tour around India in January 2006 where they took part in the “Congo Square Jazz Festival” in Calcutta. In New Delhi, together with other international groups, invited by the Cultural Relations Indian Council, they performed in the "Dance and Music Festival”. Still in India they played at the “Goa Jazz Festival”. In North Dakota, United States, they took part in the “Piano Festival 2001" promoted by the North Dakota University.
In Brazil the group has performed at many theatres, music halls, festivals and TV channels.


The first CD – released in 2003, produced by Swami Jr. – has the special participation of Proveta – arranger and leader of “Mantiqueira Band”- he is considered one of the best musicians in Brazil. Hermeto Pascoal – the wizard - the multi-instrumentalist, acknowledged worldwide as the greatest icon of the brazilian instrumental music, also played on the recording of this album.
In September, 2007 the quintet launched its new CD “Varal”, sponsored by ELETROPAULO and recorded live at Comep Studios, with recording, mixing and mastering by Homero Lolito. This second CD, like the first one, shows a wide range of brazilian rhythms and a variety of musical instrumentation.

Set List

Set List (about two hours)

- Samba Mineiro (Mandu Sarara - MS)
- Bebê (Hermeto Pascoal)
- Domingo (MS)
- Lôro (Egberto Gismonti)
- Lavadeira (MS)
- Clube Da Esquina (Milton Nascimento)
- Baião para Vovó Anita (MS)
- Brasil (Ary Barroso)
- Sertão Das Cores (MS)
- How Insensitive (Tom Jobim)
- Samba para Dori MS)
- Ouro Preto (MS)
- Gentileza (MS)
- Boi de Lá (MS)