Mandy Ellis

Mandy Ellis


I am a 20 year old whose passion is wrting songs. I love music, and I have a lot of experience writing. My songs come through my eperiences and that is why, I think that people can relate to them. I am looking for artists in need of my songwriting services. You won't be sorry.


Hello, my name is Mandy Ellis and I am a lyricist. I began to explore writing lyrics when I was really young. Nothing really became of it, I wrote a good amount of lyrics every week. I started to transform my songs into poems, to enter contests. The first contest I entered was at the age sixteen. It was called “International Library of Poets” the winner won $1000 and plaque. I did not win, however that year I was chosen as Editor’s choice. I won no money, but my poem was published in a book of poetry for all to see. When I was sent my copy of the book, I opened it up to find my poem on the very first page. The success of this lead me to write more an more. I tried writing more poems but they always seemed to turn out more like song lyrics in the way they flowed. It was then that I knew I was done with poems because my real passion was writing songs. All of my life’s stories were my inspiration.
In tenth grade I was also introduced to music technology. This seemed to be the first class of its kind. We were introduced to the program Finale. This program seemed to flare up my second passion, composing music. Though I was a violist, that knowledge was not well used until my introduction to Finale. Finale is a computer program that allows one to compose their own musical pieces. It was so much fun. I came up with all kinds of crazy notes and riffs. This made me want to learn more instruments, so I took up the guitar. Learning guitar was supposed to help my write rhythms to my lyrics but I just wasn’t that musically inclined. I could play the guitar alright but I wasn’t good able to create anything worth while. So this brings me back to my ultimate goal; lyricist. Few people get their words published in writing, now I want my word published on a record.


Thank You

Written By: Mandy Ellis

Fire in the sky...people screaming "help us, save us" please please please.
Smoke is in the air...heroes climbing high. people all around waiting to be found.
Two planes flying high, high in the sky. People not knowing why, why, why are they doing this?
bombs flying and women's lives are taken by these evil machines and for what?
for what? suicides everyday.
Cars, trains, planes, destroyed. For what?
Everyday people are sacrificing their lives and for what? What do we do for these people?
Be strong, hold on...don't let go lets be strong and hold on. Every thing will be ok.

Jumping into fire, dodging bullets, running for your live, for what? for us! so i just want to say...
Thank tou for everything you have done for us. saving lives without a second thought. Not caring what happens to them, following the sounds of peopling calling out.
doing everything possible just to get them out alive.
wanna call my bro who'll never know, wanna call my friend who couldn't go and tell them,
What you did for me!
I truly thank youfor everything you did for me, for them for all of us.
Speaking: My heart goes out to all those who sacrificed so much for our country, thank you and God bless.