Mandy Hutchins

Mandy Hutchins


Being inspired by so many artists in the music industry, we play a wide variety of songs from country to rock to blues.


Mandy Hutchins was born and raised in Ennis, Texas. Throughout her life she was surrounded by musicians and singers. As a child, the memories that she is most fond of are the times when she would sit with her sister, Michele Cash, and listen to her father, Ed Williams, sit and play guitar and sing for hours. That is where it all began, because after her father realized that Mandy and her sister had some talent, he was proud and made sure that everyone else had a chance to hear them as well. From family get togethers to small oprys that came to town, Mandy and her sister Michele would always sing. Mandy and Michele continued to sing throughout their teenage years at several venues throughout DFW area including Johnny High's Music Review, Crystal Chandelier, and anywhere else that they could do what they loved. After a few years, Mandy Hutchins took some time off to concentrate on her life. Soon she was married and starting a new family. She now has two children, Harley and Allie, which are already aspiring singers. Mandy Hutchins is now getting back to business. She just released her first album "Pick Me" with Hat Creek Records out of Waxahachie, Texas.


I'll Be Gone

Written By: Mandy Hutchins

Three o'clock in the morning
Where are you now
Cause I've been waitin' up on you
For A While
We used to be so in love
Where did it go
Well I guess its to late to answer that
Now we'll never know

Cause I'll be gone
No I wont be here when you get home
Please don't call me
No I don't want your apologies
No more doing me wrong
I'll Be Gone

This letter should explain to you
Almost everything
From where your clean t-shirts are
To where to find my diamond ring
It don't mean a thing

Repeat Chorus

Temporary Crazy Insanity

Written By: Joni Ringo Trojacek, Mandy Hutchins, Zac Groom

Baby this is not what you think it is
Like somethin’ as simple as a single kiss
So don’t go and get the least wrong impression
It’s a little romancin’, a little dancin’,
Just a passin’ obsession

It’s just temporary, crazy, insanity
Just a courtship trial this crime of passion
No judge or jury would try me unless
I change my plea
I’m not guilty by any means
It’s just temporary crazy, its so crazy
It’s insanity…

When I look into your eyes tonight
I may look like I’ve lost my mind
Maybe it’s the wine maybe it’s this big red moon
These words I’m sayin’, just can’t be true
Like when I say I still love you

Repeat Chorus

I’ll savor each second
Memorize this moment in time
Cause when this dance is over
My conviction will be
Lovin’ you for life

Repeat Chorus
It’s just temporary crazy it’s so crazy
It’s insanity
It’s insanity….

Maybe In Another Life

Written By: Mandy Hutchins

It feels so right
But it seems so wrong
When your lyin’ here by my side
All night long
And I can’t explain
And I can’t refrain
From what’s goin’ on
Maybe in another life
Maybe you could be the one

Somewhere in another life
I’ll make you happy
I’ll make you see
What you do to me
Just one more stand
I will show you who I am
Maybe in another life
You could be my man

I know that you don’t like the way
Things are goin’ in your life
And I know that you can’t stay
No it just wouldn’t be right

Repeat chorus
Just one more stand
I will show you who I am
Maybe in another life
Maybe you could be my man


Mandy Hutchins EP - Released March 2007
Mandy Hutchins "Pick Me" - Released August 2007
Currently being release is the title track "Pick Me" as the first single off of her new album.

Set List

Bobbie McGee
Into The Mystic
Why Haven't I Heard From You
Somekind Of Wonderful
To Love Somebody
Do Ya
One Promise To Late
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Empty Glass
Give Me One Reason
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Something To Talk About
The Way I Am
When You Say Nothing At All
Oh Atlanta
The Lucky One
Ashes By Now
Mustang Sally
Temporary Crazy Insanity
Maybe In Another Life
You Should Have Brought Me Flowers
Before I Met You
Black & Blue
I'll Be Gone
Hell Tonight
Guitar Strings
Wonderful Tonight
Love Me Tonight
I Want You To Want Me