Mandyleigh Storm

Mandyleigh Storm


The "spirit of the late 60's". Mandyleigh Storm is a singer/songwriter with a 4-octave voice which is emotional, soulful and distinctive. Her music has elements of rock, soul, funk, country and acoustic... all brought to life by her amazing voice and impressive lyrics and melodies.


Mandyleigh Storm is an artist who has proven that strength and determination can overcome. From having severe depression for many years, to now releasing her debut album "Fire & Snow" internationally. This is a story of courage and triumph.

Described as "the spirit of the late 60's", Mandyleigh's album was recorded live in Dean St Studio, Soho, London, just like in the 60's, and produced by the legendary Mick Glossop (Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, The Waterboys etc), and is being released digitally via The Orchard, and physically via, Rough Trade (Europe), and Proper (UK). Physical distribution for Australiasia and America is being negotiated.

The musicians featured on the album are:
Johnny Scott (Van Morrison)
Liam Genockey (Steeleye Span)
Tim Harries (Steeleye Span, Katie Melua)
James Lascelles (Frank Zappa)

Mastered by another legend, Kevin Metcalfe (U2, The Who, David Bowie, Queen, Paul McCartney etc), "Fire & Snow" with Mandyleigh Storm's emotive vocals and melodies will transport you.

Mandyleigh has had extensive live experience throughout Europe, Western Australia and New Zealand. Probably the most high profile venue was the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland's most famous venue, frequented by David Bowie and the Rolling Stones to name just two, for it's amazing atmosphere.


Deep Sea Green

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

Dust settles and my eyes are trying hard
To catch the haze that’s in my open heart
A mirage set to cast away in stone
Many years they’ll talk of love and us alone

Bumps a heart and skips that miss a beat
Skin so close and lips are bound to meet
Smooth each string and tune me into hear
Words you talk so sweet play me to sleep

Lay your luck in the deep sea green
Watch the shower of my lust turn to see
Lay your fire in the ash burn straight through me
Sip the colour of my own orange screen
Lay your love in the deep sea green
Watch a dance that only words can never be
Sip my ocean in my song in every scene
Taste my cup of full love run over me

Feed my senses there’s only beauty every time
We meet we meet we meet in the sea green

Winters Day

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

It’s been a cold winters day
It’s been so cold without you here
How can I go on with Winter days?
When I’m old and lonely oh it takes me back
It takes me back

Don’t no don’t you don’t, don’t you tell me it’s easy
Don’t no don’t you dont, don’t you tell me it’s right
Coz I’ve been sitting down here
Just wondering what my life’s all about
You’ve been forgetting back there
Have no memory of what went wrong
So put some sunshine in your heart
And move on to a summers day
And put some loving in your heart
And take away my winters day

It’s been a cold summers night
It’s been so cold without you by my side
How can I change the seasons days?
The smile has gone from my face
And it won’t come back

Ooh, it’s so cold
Only memories to wrap my soul
Only love from you to keep me warm
Only me only me now you`re gone
It’s so cold


Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

It’s been a long long hard road to find
I’ve been running up the streets and watching daylight stand

Miles and miles away from me
And now it’s pouring over me and you too
Ain’t it good ain’t it good to be alive

Let me speak and tell you words to say
There isn’t anything else I’d rather do than have you here

My life’s changed in so many ways
You know you lighten up my day you know you do
Ain’t it good ain’t it good ain’t it good we’ve come alive

The Sun is beaming yeah
The Moon is shining raindrops over me
And life is calling yeah
I’ll be your saviour ‘coz I know how times can be
I can hear birds singing yeah
If you listen closer you’ll hear them sing with me
Time can be your best friend
Until that comes I’m the next best thing
To coming home and feeling free
We’ve come alive we’ve come alive

Go With It

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

We share the same darkness
Speak different language in a whirlpool of dust
Images are met by indiscretion
All that I dreamed of is lost

Just a brush with the past
And somehow these tears would dry into the future
And fix the pain for to cry a lifetime
Would only be a waste

So we’ve got to go with it baby
We’ve got to got to go with it for a time
We’ve got to got to go with it darling
We’ve got to got to go with it for a time

We are lost in mixed up feelings
On the outside we seem all together
I am yearning for your notice and deepest pleasure

Just a wish for our future
And all doubts would release night into day
For no longer should I close my eyes
Imagining you are there

Don’t you want me?
Here I am
You’ll never find me until you look for what’s gone
If you come back empty handed
Don’t you know it’s all your fault

Keep The Silence

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

I don’t know the difference between us
I only know that we’re apart
Never imagined the people I’m hurting
Just begging for my eyes to close and

Keep the silence
Don't let it go must
Keep believing
In something until I sleep

Too many tears are bouncing off rainbows
Mechanics switch this channel to play
My head is spinning and voice is complaining
I watch the same repeat each day and

And the wind
Whispers through my veins
I can't imagine keeping warm
Because my eyelids are ashamed to speak for daytime
All this pain
Is suspended guilt
I’m sitting teardrops on my cheeks
Thinking forward a thousand beliefs into the future
Will I belong?
It's just too long

(Gotta Believe)
I never thought life could be so cold
I’ve got to face my fears
I’ve got to warm my soul
I miss me

Cry Hard

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

Walk away, it’s just another day
And it was
You, me, this is really it
Yes it is
And the tears, say “hello” tomorrow
Yeah they will will will
And my heart will skip a beat of sorrow

Cry hard, until there’s nothing more to give
Nothing more, nothing more, no less
Cry hard until each tear blends into your face
Stand tall in your desperate place

Break away, it's just another dream
To pass your time
You, me we’re facing fears
Not sure if we carry on
And a smile sees a memory
Just a memory
And my head is full of sadness and pain

Drift away, I am here not really listening
To what you say
You, me we have to make a something
of what we are
And it’s time we broke away from all of this
It’s what you'd want

Let It Go

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

I see you sitting here in silence and I think how it has been
I just see everything you don’t hold much regard to anymore
There must be more than this I heard you whisper so long ago
When you dared to laugh without holding your hands up in denial
Of it ever being there
I must say to let it go

Let it go, let it go, oh oh oh
It’s had a hold of your soul

I talk to you in what sounds a thousand words ringing through my body
And mind and heart and everything that is all
And what’s left of a broken soul
Not sure how to make it better but jumping out to see
If my parachute is going to open

One minute my heart was singing
Next day my life was wasted
In the end I felt it begin again and again
Too late to cry tomorrow
Stick to today we borrow
Say thanks to dawns new echo
For the sun is brighter yeah
Than it’s been to me
And I will wait for you, yeah
And you will wait for me
I haven’t felt this in years

Sunny New Day

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

Happiness and joy surrounds me
My heart’s beating a million beats in one
Now’s the time for fearlessness and zaniness
Giving me a buzz in life
That no-one can touch or take away

Its been a bright sunny new day
Its been a bright bright bright
Bright bright sunny new day
Bring it on with your love
And never fade away
Bring it on with your love
And sunny sunny new days

Smile and laugh I know you’ll laugh with me
This feeling’s just begun
Ain’t it good to be free
Everybody’s got some words
And they maybe sound like mine
Everybody’s got a similiar old love song

Everybody’s got to have it
Everybody’s got to have it
Everybody’s got to have this feeling
Karma and feeling and love give me some healing
Everybody’s got to have this feeling


Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

Life here hasn’t been too kind
It’s been enough to blow your mind
And I guess it did

All you wanna do is follow your dreams
But they rip you apart at the seams
Ain’t that familiar, well

I’ve never seen the rain fall so freely
From your sunshine eyes
Your emotions are clouds
That colour the sky so hopelessly
Life will never be the same

Nobody really cares at all
They just push at you ‘til you fall
Then you’re forgotten

You struggle for identity
That drowns in a bitter sea
Of deep frustration, well

And death is a gift you want to give yourself
The only hesitation is
You don’t wanna hurt anyone else
You used to think depression was a joke
But now it’s all too real
And the tears you scream
Are not even close to the rage you feel

Which Way

Written By: Mandyleigh Storm

I powder my nose and preen my hair
Throat cuts like sandpaper through the air
Looking left and right over dusty plains I try to see

Which way the train’s been coming
Which way my life is going, yeah

Another hour and my breath is weak
This Summer Sun is draining me
Looking into the haze and things in my mind
Are just lies I see


Fire & Snow : released February 14th 2008.

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The digital release of the album (online) has already had an amazing reaction from listeners, and was the #1, #2 and #7 most recommended songs (for "Deep Sea Green", "Cry Hard" and "Keep The Silence") on, ahead of artists like Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

Set List

All the 10 songs from the album, plus many other strong songs planned for the next album, and also some covers chosen from Coldplay, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Dolly Parton, Van Morrison, Anouk, Sheryl Crow, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, Seal, Barbra Streisand, Joni Mitchell, Freakpower, Radiohead, etc.