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What About You

Written By: Sean Gasaway/Brad Bertram

“ What About You”
Sean Gasaway/Brad Bertram

I’m staring out my windshield,
Trying to focus on the little white lines
That are passing by so slow
I wish this was an interstate,
Heading out of here, instead of this two-way street,
That’s going back home.
There’s something I’ve got to say to you baby,
There’s something I’ve got to do, yeah!

I’ll be on the next bus going out of town,
Tell that driver to go on, put the hammer down,
I don’t care which way he’s heading out,
Cause I ain’t looking back!
You’re the only one here keeping me around,
And I’ve got nothing left to lose,
I’ve made up my mind, I know what I’m gonna do,
What about you?

While you’ve had the wheel, and I've sat by
Waiting for the right time, to let you know,
You can stay here and be alone, baby,
Or you can ride along with me, YEAH!


So make a choice, and let me know what you decide,
You can hang out here
Or you can spread your wings
Along with me, and fly!!

Repeat chorus

Gasaway Music(ASCAP)©2006