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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Austin, TX
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop Jazz




""Mechanical Hounds" Brings conscious rap to the forefront"

N/A Hip Hop’s RNAtheMESSENGER (aka DNAtheG) originally hails from Dorchester, MA where he graduated from Boston College with a degree in English. He released his first project in 2013, The Code EP, under the moniker DNAtheG. However, this EP was only a small sample of what makes N/A Hip Hop special. His forthcoming LP, Here Cometh the Dreamer, demonstrates this emcee’s rise to another level of consciousness. RNAtheMessenger’s latest single release, now available on iTunes, which is also supported by an official video on YouTube, is “Mechanical Hounds”.

The music industry is one that is very difficult to be successful in. More often than not, artists strive to create music that appeals to all senses. Music that sends shivers down the listener’s spine should be the kind of music that people want to listen to. The sad truth is the artists who integrate superb lyrics with excellent beats to make a quality song hardly make it in the music industry today. In the rap industry, there are different types of artists: independent artists like RNAtheMessenger, and signed contract artists “you know who” that I won’t be naming here for obvious reasons.

RNAtheMessenger is one of the most talented independent rappers out there, but is not as popular as he should be because signed artists are the ones who dominate the business. The music industry is all about the money. To be honest though, everything that surrounds us is about the money. In fact “Mechanical Hounds” tackles this subject and many other of the world’s injustices controlled by the ‘powers-that-would-be’.

RNAtheMessenger kicks off the track by targeting bankers, and then he takes a heavy swipe at the mass media and how it controls information, not to mention the fact that our mobile phones are tracked and spied upon at will. RNAtheMessenger leaves no stone unturned as he raps against conformity and oppression in any form. “I can’t languish in changes in an age where there’s chains on our language / In pain I am screeching in anguish / Free speech and expressions in danger oppressions the norm…” clearly shows his distain with society and the way it operates.

“Mechanical Hounds” is awesome from beginning to end. Here RNAtheMessenger proves he is a lyrical mastermind with a conscious, and has his own unique style of rapping. The question is, why are you reading this page? If you’re browsing this page it simply means you haven’t purchased this track yet, in which case, you are missing a true musical masterpiece from your collection. The single pushes boundaries and raises serious questions about modern society.

In the past few years every single rap release you picked up has been the same, unless you strayed far away from the mainstream – whose rims are the largest, who gets the most girls and who has the most money. If you’re ready to move away from that garbage now – get into RNAtheMessenger! - Jam sphere magazine

"Exclusive Video Premiere: RNAtheMESSENGER “American Dreams (ft. Bateau)”"

It’s not every day that Ovrld gets sent a video boasting what looks like full on Hollywood production values, but we’ve been lucky the past few weeks, as first El Campo and now RNAtheMESSENGER have sent us incredible clips to premiere. But where El Campo’s “Spanish Revival” centered on the shady efforts of an alien operative, RNAtheMESSENGER’s “American Dreams” is a dramatic affair, following around a troubled young man as he deals with the tragic death of a loved one. Directed by Diego Lozano, a 21 year old wunderkind from Mexico, “American Dreams” is gorgeously shot and well performed, a perfect visual accompaniment to RNA’s dark folk-tinged hip hop. Lozano utilizes some editing magic and effects tricks to make the video as ghostly as Bateau’s vocal hooks but the spotlight is always on the grief stricken central performance. - OVRLRD


The Code 2013 (under the name DNA or DNAtheG)

Here Cometh The Dreamer 2015 (under the name RNAtheMESSENGER)



Maneikis is a rapper and educator from Boston, MA whose mission is to use his platform to inspire the next generation to chase their dreams while living authentic, empathetic lives as conscious citizens of the world.

Growing up, he was a shy child and found himself writing poetry at a young age. He was fascinated by Hip-Hop during high school, but usually found himself as a spectator during the after-school cyphers. It wasn't until his college years at BC that he shared his poetry with an audience, and he soon began working with his cousin, DJ Enlyte, to put those words to a beat. After a few years of struggling to find his voice in the studio, Maneikis moved to Austin, TX and began performing at open mics to hone his craft. It was at these open mics that he met many of his future collaborators (Jackie Venson, Clint Manning, Raul Ochoa, and Samantha Lee) and also discovered his lane in Hip-Hop. What started as self-discovery turned into a life mission as Maneikis performed under the name RNAtheMESSENGER for 3 years rapping about love, friendship. philosophy, politics, and the art of writing itself. After releasing his 2nd project, "Here Cometh The Dreamer", Maneikis teamed up Diego Lozano ( to make music videos for his songs Mechanical Hounds ( and American Dreams ( American Dreams has been highly lauded as one of the best rap videos ever made in Austin, TX and is the lead single from his upcoming album "American Subconscious".

Maneikis has been compared to Blue Scholars, Atmosphere, Eminem, and Tupac, though his favorite emcees are Kanye West and Lauryn Hill. His music will elicit strong imagery in the mind of his audience and will take you down a rabbit hole of self-reflection and outward awareness.

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