Mane Rok

Mane Rok

 Denver, Colorado, USA
BandHip Hop

"Our live show. Our skills. Our raw energy. That's what people love about us." –DeeJay Tense


Time Tested. From having shared the stage with Hip-Hop legends like KRS-One, to smashing festivals as a precursor to Gnarls Barkley (with his group ManeLine), Mane Rok's solid foundation has never been more evident.

A student of Hip-Hop via graffiti (which the MC credits for his battle prowess,) Mane is exactly where he wants to be-working…that is, what happens after being schooled, right?

Not that the outspoken MC has stopped learning, but finding himself working harder than ever before creating the art he had set to do by crafting projects with each producer from his first solo "The Ugly Truth." After dropping the critically acclaimed ode to the "True Skool" era of Hip-Hop-En Stereo (with Prime Element/House of Waxx Producer/DJ Es Nine, Kam Moye, Prince Po, Deca, Ichiban, A.V.I.U.S., Rhias and more…) Mane Rok teamed up with the "future" in Diamond Boiz in-house renaissance man Dyalekt to pay tribute to one of music's all time legends SANTANA with "Santanamation." A FREE offering to keep the masses quenched, the projects supporting cast featured the likes of Xencs L. Wing, Bravo One (One Eyed Kings) & Ze (Diamond Boiz).

Not being satisfied with the idea of an artist boxing themselves in to "developing their 'own' sound", Mane continues his quest to expand his palette as a student having released remixes for his "This One's" video, the song/video in support of the "Occupy" movement with fellow Colorado MC's Jonny 5 (The Flobots,) T Minus Katlyn (Wheelchair Sports Camp,) Aja Boogie (The ReMinders,) Dyalekt & Bravo One- "99th Problems", a sneak peek into a future project with Mercury Sauce Recordings as well as his precursor the premier of this website & the Mr. Bostic (One Eyed Kings) produced "SAUL AMORE: A MODERN DAY MASSACRE."

"SAUL AMORE: A MODERN DAY MASSACRE "EP exposes new artist Benjamin Butters along side Zome (Diamond Boiz), Living Legend himself Scarub & Chicago's son Qwazzar (Typical Cats/Galapagos 4.) "Saul Amore" is a take on different forms of love…but definitely not "Love" songs.

With plans set in motion for the spring, summer and fall…Mane Rok & all of his co-workers hope you enjoy the ride.

Nominated for Urb Magazines Next 1000 (Group-ManeLine)2009

Chosen as Village Voice Medias Best Crew 2009-LIFECrew-Our conglomerate

Performers Mane Rok has shared the stage with:

Gnarls Barkley
RedHead Confederate
Bass Nectar



Written By: Mane Rok, InkLine, DeeJay Tense


“What ya know about…?”


Choices everywhere that I turn
And all these voices are what leave me concerned

Mane Rok-

Lucifer to my left lets lies loose I need to learn
Never knew something this cold could also burn
Fighting the urge no more lighting the herbs
And in writing these words know what I like and prefer
Right and wrong distinguished but how do you see this
Does what they tell me really contain life secrets
Squimish ‘cause all the answers got me wondering
How much stock do I put in this option on the other hand
Reality to my right I realize what’s righteous
Unlike those that tell me to live in his likeness
I might just fight this to play the devil’s advocate
Ain’t having it ‘cause everything they say is inadequate
How’d they manage to get inside of me modern society
Not surprisingly isn’t gonna leave quietly
‘cause all of these suckas are raising a ruckus
And these are the voices I’m seemingly stuck with


I hear voices (x2) (think about it, think about it)
In my ear is where I hear them
(do this-do that)


What you know about…?


I’ve learned the hard way nearly all of my life
And I heard what ya’ll say what’s wrong and what’s right
And I-always seem to be causing a fight
Drawing a thin line between the dark and the light
And with all of my might I try to go with that gut feeling
Follow my heart it seems I’m anything but willing
It’s suicide with the demons inside and
Skeletons in my closet, yeah the whole nine
and being a Gemini gotta deal with both sides
how can I lose fighting myself, I dunno why?
it’s going down I face the facts with a nose dive
and hit the ground quick fast from a slow ride
choices come and go, but mistakes don’t die
you gotta live with them, deal with the realism
and all of the sudden life ain’t so simple is it
when the voices in your head done built a mental prison





What to do?
Where to turn?
How many times?
Whose concerned?
When will it go down?
Why ain’t it happen yet?
Should we go now?
Have you passed the test?

Come Back

Written By: ManeLine


Come back(x4) Don’t Leave me (-all x4)
Come back (x6)


Please don’t go leave me now
(come back, come back don’t leave)
Come back Come back to me
(come back, come back to me) (all x3)

Please don’t go leave me now
(come back, come back don’t leave)

Come Back(x6)

Mane Rok-

‘Bout to lose it all really just walking away
Tail between my legs I crawl no option to stay
Hella frustrated that I’m not getting paid
While idiots on radio having you nodding like slaves
Makes me feel like this whole time it was nothing but useless shit
As far as Mane Rok goes it’s as good as my music gets
Those were my thoughts then, so there is no excuses kids
How am I financially strapped what can I do to this
See the strung out dreamer said my dreams were dying inside
Then Ryan arrived so now I try and revive
All those feelings I was killing slowly and softly they told me
It’s costly so what’s the price? Well homie it’s possibly
The tag on your soul, heads said to do it for love
Momma said, “Love don’t pay the bills” and that’s stupid because
Reality is you have to live off a check
Respect won’t cut it and that’s the reason I almost had to jet (bet!)


Come back (don’t leave)
Don’t leave me (come back)
Come Back (don’t leave)
Don’t leave me (come back)
Come Back (don’t leave)
Don’t leave me (come back)
Come Back don’t leave me now
(come back don’t leave come back)

Come Back (don’t leave)
Don’t leave me (come back)
Come back don’t leave come back now
(come back don’t leave come back)

Come back (don’t leave)
Don’t leave me (come back)
Come back don’t leave me now
(come back don’t leave come back)


Just when I thought I had it thought it was automatic
Thought it was safer in the dark to take a stab at it
It’s more than just a habit, I’m more than just an addict
I cut myself down to size chop and drop the hatchet
Can help but feel attached when we share the same passion
‘cause love is love in many languages and different accents’
But still she keeps on passing-me by
I don’t why it’s evident I think it’s releveant time to take action
It’s so sad it gets missed so fast
And if this don’t happen we will never evolve
And it it gets close grab it, if this goes bad
And if this don’t matter much it don’t matter at all
We gonna all fall, but you’re gonna say it’s my fault
But I fought because, I believed in what I say
And if you leave then we, will never know we’ll never see
What we can be we’ll never breathe easy again please don’t leave


Repeat Intro-


Good & Bad Ft. O.N.E.

Written By: ManeLine/O.N.E.

3.Good & Bad Ft. O.N.E.

Yeah it's true, the blues, they come a dime a dozen
Some win, some lose and some try to bluff it
Chase everything and end up finding nothing
Holding on to what it wasn’t

(All the...) good, the bad, the beautiful and ugly
Joy and pain mixed with a little suffering
I just take what I got and that's enough for me
Add it up, ain't nothing free

(All the...) nightmares in life, it never hurt to dream
Cut deep as the surface bleed
Where the devils got halos and angels rock dirty wings
At the picnics and murder scenes

(All the...) held-up, locked-down and the get-aways
The go-ahead, not now, and the pick-a-days
All of the above indicate a ricochet
Bouncing back-n-forth, in and out the same picture frame

All the good
(Ink & Mane)
Did all we could
(Ink & Mane)
With all we had
(Ink & Mane)
The good & bad

Sometimes you got to take the good with the bad
It might turn into something that you wish you always had
So Go (GO) Show (Show) Move (Move) Mold (Mold)
Then you might finally find something you can take hold

(Mane Rok)
Not what you thought change constantly misread
Cost of living broke-Fix income, get bread
Fat Checks-Slim Chance! That’s what twits said
Smart Moves to invest
(All the…)
Bad, good, sunshine, snow storms
Everything weathered, let loose to hold on
Living sinless, throwing stones so wrong
Righteously I don’t want
(All the…)
Day dreams chased, nightmares ran from
Organized confusion, planned at random
Before it starts it’s over, ask what happened
The facts some can’t fathom
(All the…)
Higher learning from low end theories
Life’s gray days show, so damn clearly
Not just black and white, also appearing
Everything between hold it dearly



“Bad meaning good…”

"The Essence" En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine) Ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po

Written By: Mane Rok, Kam Moye & Prince Po

(Verse 1:Mane Rok)
Maybe it's me and I'm making believe/
With high expectations of the way it should be/
Not that I live in the past just recognize it's gift/
It's the foundation to move forward can't set aside this shit/
I'm that born again BBoy baptized by Boom Bap/
Developed skill unlike rap guys all who lack/
Talent, cadence-control- found the way they should go/
Misleading marketing schemes
Out to take all your dough/
I could dumb it down too but want more for folks/
Not tryna sound like a smartass God only knows/
Need that feeling back raiding records stores on tuesdays/
Reading liner notes like they bible quotes while loops play/
Drums bang flows fresh-argue whos dopest/
Contents under pressures when you mark up the moments/
Get up when they got down-If ya check what's hot now/
Cold carcass of an artist who bargained for a pop sound....
Can’t foget it’s foundation
This gift we’ve been given
“Time to build”
In order to move forward
“Back to the essence, it’s a lot to learn so I studied my lessons”

(Verse 2:Kam Moye)
I’m getting sick or reminiscing, when listening was delightful/
When Hip-Hop was something niggas would physically fight for/
‘Cause now the streets treat true lyricist ice cold/
& they dismiss them ‘cause it’s interesting to white folks/
& they consider traditional rap abstract/
But the fiction that they listen to is pure ass-crack/
What happened to the passion-to the culture and art/
The ghetto brother once he spoke, you’d know he was smart/
He’d put his soul in to the quotes so you’d know them by heart/
Reminiscent of an old school show in the park/
I feel like taking 2 rappers from every state/
Together we gon’ elevate and buld like Noah’s ark/
& painfully I know it can’t be what it once was/
Hip-Hop feels like a strip joint and a gun club/
For dumb fucks we need to just reconstruct/
& if you miss the fun stuff scream “One Love”!

(Verse 3:Prince Po)
The peoples souls was screaming “There gotta be a better way”/
No controlling the demons that’s easing tension thru letter play/
Streets calling, the bleeding and needing a voice/
A new soulful meaning that restore belief in the choice/
That stuggles like asthma, and hit some better breathing/
Thru this form of music-beyond lucrative and it aint never leaving/
Embracing better days, fucking with these super friends/
Save us some from the eight ways & clutches of a gruesome trend/
At least that’s what they decided to call it/
Until the masses couldn’t deny it, and rich kids depended on it/
Now the entire world is sinning on it/
Rapping in commercials-what’s a Big Mac now with out some rhythm on it?
Never considered cornered-maintaining the roots and culture/
The grizzly am morning-blazing for the future vulture/
Prince Po is Ultra-Magnetic/
Hip-Hop will never die dogs, we won’t let it!


"A Game" En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine

Written By: Mane Rok

(Verse 1)
Back in the swing of things, king of kings redeems the scene/
Sammy SoSuReal-Mane Rok/
Pointing past fences, calling my shots/
That’s why it shouldn’t be a question if I’m balling or not/
So Don’t worry if I write checks, I write rhymes/
Achieve more in 3 minutes than most get in a life time/
Run a full court press-while fools court jest/
They talk a good game but you’ll notice/
“What Kid?”
They-fall over them selves, when I fake left and go right/
Wrist shatter, ankles break, when I hold mics/
“Keep It Clean” that’s the same thing, they told Mike/
Round for round, pound for pound/
One of a few true champions from ‘round this town/
Every contender/pretender, glass jaw yapping/
While we studio update-that’s what’s happening
(Chorus x2)
Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3 HUT!
Big Mane Rok-Live and uncut!
“You know I bring it to you live!”
(Verse 2)
“What? You think this is a game?”
From side line commentators to fans in the stands/
To rappers on tracks that I’m lapping again/
The instant that I touch down a pad with pen/
Every single one of them wondering will I fumble when/
Trouble comes from the other end-NOPE-stick to my goal/
Like Dyalekt dictates “Dreams are for sleeping”
On my hustle every sabbath burning teams on the weakend/
“Shooting for the stars” of course, that’s A.V.I.U.S.
The difference between professionals and what a novice is/
Problems get benched-realize they’re out of their league/
With no plan of attack-don’t know how to compete/
We stay head strong, offensive in the red zone/
No need for sudden death over time, opponents dead wrong/
That “moment of truth” “they step in the arena”/
With future hall of famers straight checking non-believers!
(Chorus x2)
One thing in mind, I see victory/
Playing a game, well this aint it to me (x3)


--"Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre"
Mane Rok & DeeJay Tense

Ft. Scarub (living Legends), Qwazaar (Typical Cats/Galapagos 4), Zome (Diamond Boiz), Benjamin Butters
Prod by Mr. Bostic (One Eyed Kings)


--"Mama Said Remix" Single
Ft. Zome & Bravo One


--"The 99th Problem" in Solidarity with "Occupy"
Mane Rok w/Jonny 5 (The FLobots), T Minus Katlyn (Wheelchair Sportscamp), Aja Boogie (The ReMINDers), Dyalekt (Diamond Boiz) & Bravo One (One Eyed Kings)

Video Dir By Locker Partners


--"Forever's Temporary"
Prod By Mercury Sauce Recordings


Mane Rok & Dyalekt

Ft. Xencs L. Wing, Ze, Bravo One & R.Boone


--"En Stereo"
Mane Rok & Es Nine as En Stereo

Ft. Kam Moye aka Supastion, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Deca, Ichiban, A.V.I.U.S. (Prime Element), Rhias (Air Dubai) and more


--"This One's" Remixes
Mane Rok & DeeJay Tense

Ft. TimeLine, Strange Powers, Kolor Grey, 800 The Jewell, Dyalekt, QKnox, Jericho Son of None, Theem One & Myrical Child


--"The Ugly Truth"
Mane Rok & DeeJay Tense


--"...& Sew Its Seams"
ManeLine (Mane Rok, InkLine & DeeJay Tense)

Ft. Geologic (Blue Scholars), Kano, A.V.I.U.S., 9th St. Choir & Venus Cruz


--"Till then..."
ManeLine (Mane Rok, InkLine & DeeJay Tense)

Ft. Deca, Ichiban, DJ AWHAT!!, Pablo Kee (Debajo Del Agua), Xencs L. Wing


--Any Quality 1 Mixtape-Dj Sounds Supreme and Dj Amen-
"Voices" ft. on Amens mix.


--Any Quality 2 Mixtape-DJ Sounds Supreme & Dj Amen-EXCLUSIVE
"Crown the Kings" Ft. on Sounds Supreme mix. This mixtape was featured on MTV's Mixtape mondays.


--Mane Rok and InkLine featured seperately on DJ Funktion's "Abstract Oddy-O" Mixtape


--Featured Twice on's Winter Compilation '07-'08
Hosted by/Featuring El Da Sensei, Wordsworth & Punchline
Songs: Voices & Pushover

Set List

We have 3 seperate "main" sets, but they also have interchangeable pieces.