Drawing from the elements of 90's Rock and Punk in the vein of Jawbox, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, and At The Drive-In, Maneuvers is a band that delivers a high energy and raw sound that will leave you speechless after intense live shows.


The Apollo Program may have been a hoax, but Maneuvers is not. Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, friends Paul Comegno and Jeff Foran began collaborating musically in late 2005. After many long nights of writing spazzy and intricate rock songs, the duo formed Maneuvers in March of 2006. Due to many lineup changes over the course of 2006 to group was forced to put playing shows on hold until they found the right people for the band. After loosing their first drummer, the pair teamed up with former Punch Out drummer, Urian Hackney. Influenced by bands like At The Drive-In, Fugazi, Bear vs Shark, Jawbox, and Drive Like Jehu, and Led Zeppelin, Maneuvers is ready to give loud and awe inspiring performances to audiences everywhere.



Written By: Jeff Foran

Watch the roof cave in when there’s poison in the water
Pacify the moment to instigate the crashing sky

The tenebrous gate
Barely visible to my weak eye
I swam until I lost site
I swam until I lost site
I swam until I was capsized underneath the shore

And in my recurring pipe dreams
I thought I had the best of you
Initiate the beat advocating
The blisters are on my lips through the walls we can hear
No time for introspection
I sank until frame gave way
Fastened to the flooding dirt floor
Swallow it down

The benign tenement gave no way to the
Transfixed by the cathode transmission
The kinescope session cut away
The ringer around your neck
Adjacent to the pulp on the side your skin
She screamed: It’s all over
I won’t tell them a damn thing

And I’ve lost sight of the coast
Drifting away to propagate the shakedown
The shore never looked so ceremonious

I swam until I was buried underneath the shore

Montauk Sparrow

Written By: Jeff Foran

It echo’s through the hallway Backhanded in the cockpit
The mother ship sat and tuned in to the mission
The Grandfather stab takes the life out of living

Spatial intersection
Cataract limbo consecration
Bastard welded into nothing

We got a park bench of half mast regrets
Sunken catacombs and dusted fingerprints
Handcuffed meteoroid satellite defense
Nineteen Eighty and never seen again

Cut it

The chairman has the access now
Take your breath and release it now
Synonymous in existence
Cut sickled to the larynx
Report it to the captain
All communication is down
To the captain to the captain
When I’m a million miles away

Crimes (Ice Man)

Written By: Jeff Foran

Broken down
This chapel of bodies will be just fine
Turn signals
With rolled down windows at the side of a road

Cancers blazing
Magnets of blisters hang from the sky
What you can't see
Windows of eyes with arms that are tied

This is it! This is it! This is it! Ice Crime!

This is live feed from the barrens
Try to sell you nothin’ for lies
In a quick hit he'll stare at you
Between your eyes it’s just a disguise

You need a signal to see what you're seein’
Profession of vultures at the scene
Wrong turn at the road sign
Hanged by your ears: Ice crime!

So hire me in disguise
Hire me.
I'll tell you lies
The trees hang overhead as the autopsy begins
Interview yeah I'll take it

The Halt Memo

Written By: Jeff Foran

Antique space no space!
Antique space no space!
Antique space no space!
Antique space no space!

There’s a ghost of a chance that we’ll make it out of this
Triangulation of burned memos in tact
Replacements for mason fence wire taps
The rendlesham mist on the tarmac lays in wait
(Filled with red strobes)

Verse 1:
Boiled off the seamless broadcast
Kiss the car seat
When your nose greets the paper cut street
Invested behind this basement cloister,
Lock and key
And you don’t remember when you clocked in
Burned back by the whispers
Blanket of radar
Caught in silence

Did you see it in the sky?
Faster than you can see
Antique space no space!
Antique space no space!
Clean folded sheets
Blanket the face
Kill the light switch on this cobblestone concrete
Repealed on pavement and listen to them speak
Memorandum denied
Paperwork in flames
Atoned for its punishment clouded with mace
Taking our last steps on these grounds
This tangled web we weaved
This furrowed clairvoyant
Antique space no space!
Antique space no space!

Verse 2:
There’s no need for this file cabinet catastrophe
Photograph the evidence broadcasted on the floor
The document sucked right through the sheets
The document sucked right through the door
Caught in the spotlight crossfire
Caught in teams in a documented report
Backspace this record wrecked with ink


Upcoming Full Length - Fall 2008
Leeds 7 Inch Vinyl (I'm Not Yr Dentist Records) Summer 2008
Soothing Sounds of Sirens (EP - Summer 07)
Roger Sessions (Demo - Fall 06)

Set List

Our sets usually run anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes

Set List:
1. Crimes (Ice Man)
2. White Horse Pike
3. The Postman Always Rings Twice
4. Point Pleasant
5. Hot Times, Cool Moments
6. Operators & Palindromes
7. Montauk Sparrow
8. Black Horse Pike
9. Mare Oceanum
10. Seven Sisters
11. Argonaut
12. The Halt Memo
13. Nevada Test Site
14. Problem, Reaction, Solution
15. Who Killed John Wayne

(in the works)
15. Suitcase of Second Hands
16. Cannons
17. Meridian
18. Blades Don't Need Reloading
18 Surgeons Photo
20. Circuitry
21. Dallas
22. Pass Me The Mallet
23. Goodnight, Starship
24. Navigator