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"Maneuvers, The Soothing Sounds of Sirens"

By Herb Van Der Poll

Emerging from the vital local punk/hardcore/emo scene, Maneuvers released their debut EP, Soothing Sounds of Sirens, earlier this year. At six tracks totaling over 26 minutes, the disc is anything but brisk. The band apparently aspires to an epic, stadium sound along the lines of that produced by Led Zeppelin. While they fall short of this aspiration, their record does hold promise.

Based in Underhill, Maneuvers are composed of guitarist-vocalist Paul Comegno, bassist-vocalist Jeff Foran and drummer Urian Hackney. Although they cite artists such as Fugazi, At the Drive-In and “the Zep” among their primary influences, I find myself holding Maneuvers to a standard set by three-piece rock legends: trios such as Cream, Rush, The Minutemen and The Jam. It would be ludicrous to expect a band of Maneuvers’ youth to exhibit the musical heights of these groups now, of course, and it is not a slight to say that they don’t. At this point, their main weakness is a reliance on the tired conventions of modern punk and hardcore. But the band exhibits the potential to join the power-trio pantheon someday. The scope of their music is broad, and their songs, for the most part, are not limited to conventional verse or chord structures. When segments do reoccur, these players manage to reinvent them.

Maneuvers’ are impressively creative and deftly perform their songs. Their darkly poetic lyrics are ambitious, too, though the band sometimes overreaches in an attempt to be evocative and grand — Maneuvers might be the first group I’ve heard employ the word “tenebrous.”

Criticisms aside, Maneuvers have talent and are a band to watch. See for yourself this Thursday, March 20, at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge with Waiting for a Miracle and Of All Things, and again at Club Metronome on Thursday, March 27, with local greats The Breaking In and The Cave Bees.
- Seven Days

"Maneuvers at 242"

Maneuvers are an outfit from Burlington, who are doing exciting things with fast, electric rock music. The band has a promising sound which seems to be pointed towards finding some new territory beyond the conventions that often stifle groups working with the energetic, loud and heavy tunes. With only three members, Maneuvers produce a healthy amount of noise. The steady, melodic bass and throaty vocals work along with intricate guitar riffs and rhythms parts to create a dynamic, powerful live performance. Their songs are unique, but for a reference you might consider an At The Drive In or Refused with hearty esteem for 70’s guitar rock classics.

This Wednesday Maneuvers will share the stage at 242 Main with an extensive and impressive lineup of like-minded touring acts, featuring Victor! Fix The Sun, Native, Eroica, Heads Held High and Run Riot.

This exceptional evening of potent electric music will go down on Wednesday the 9th – 7pm at 242 Main - Bring a canned good donation and get and you can get in for 4 bucks! It’s all ages, too.

-Bill Jandl - The Deli Magazine

"Burlington's Aggro/Indie Scene: Rocks 'til it Pops"

The aggro scene in Burlington is like a stage diving hydra -- you never know what direction it's going to jump because it's facing nine directions at once. When it's in motion, it;s basically unstoppable. Locally you hear the term"post-hardcore" a lot of describe what's going on in the city's loud underground -- a catch-all that doesn't have a hope of clueing you to the diversity in the sounds of Burlington. As sexy and cosmopolitan as it sounds, you really have to hear it to get it in Vermont's Queen City. A survey of loud acts fro the Burlington area would have current stand outs on the list [such as] Maneuvers. - Performer Magazine

"Burlington-based band favorite at Koinonia's basement show"

...The members of experimental rock group Maneuvers consist of lead singer and bassist Jeff Foran, 24; Paul Comegno, 24, on guitar; and Urian Hackney, 16, situated on drums and providing back-up vocals. Originating from Burlington, Vt., the band described themselves as "a cross between At The Drive In and Led Zeppelin." Back in September, they released a 7-inch EP vinyl, "Leeds," published by I'm Not Your Dentist Records, which sells for $5.

Maneuver's raw, unbridled performance more than satiated the crowd's musical lust, providing a solid follow-up to Prawn's electric performance. Hints of Zack de la Rocha could be heard through Foran's delivery, while Hackney battled through nuisance stage props with ease - showing little of his relative youth - through both skill and demeanor.

At one point, Comegno's visceral execution and erratic movements nearly took out a member of the audience with a vicious, unintentional uppercut from his guitar. All was forgiven, though, as it only added to the excitement of the night.

Despite being a bit rough at times, Maneuver's riveting performance was nonetheless met with genuine applause... - Gabriel Dickens

"Random Astronomy and Spastic Connections"

When asked about the competitiveness amongst rockers in the community, Maneuvers answered coyly, "Well, we’re just better looking than they are.” Maneuvers are a band with tangible ideals. The best example would be their latest release, Leeds, a 7” vinyl pressed by I’m not Yr. Dentist. It’s a good sign when fans go for the quality, rather than quantity now. “We released a 7 inch because people are returning to what is more tangible, and though it’s trendy, I think it’s a good thing,” says Jeff. “We have recorded our full length which will be released early next year.”

It’s their nonchalance about being professional that makes them believable. Though Urian is only 17, he still has 5 years of experience creatively collaborating with other musicians, which is necessary and rare in someone so young. Maneuvers members know a bit about quality. Paul Comegno spent two years recently living and working in a woodworking studio in Colchester. Jeff Foran and he met in Junior High, and began collaborating musically early on. They went through quite a few band members, until fate brought them Urian Hackney late one night.

Jeff - “Our old drummer basically decided he didn’t feel like practicing any more.”

Urian - “Yeah, so Paul IMed me and said, ‘Wanna jam with me and Paul?’ So I went over.”

Jeff - “It took us three months to write our songs, and he learned them all in a night, so we were like okay, [he’ll do.]”

We spoke of Burlington as a fertile ground for rock musicians, and Jeff had a lot to say, hailing originally from New Jersey.

Paul - “It’s pretty private (the rock scene) but there is a lot of diversity here in Burlington – there are so many bands here that people actually follow! The club owners are receptive, [for example] our first show in Burlington was at Higher Ground playing with Stolid.

Paul - I’m from a town in NJ about he same size. And there would never be a scene like this! You can’t throw a rock in Burlington with out hitting another musician. It’s funny growing up in the area and being stopped downtown by high school kids – I was stopped for 20 minutes while buying strings.”

Jeff - “We do play outside of Burlington – we play in New York out on Long Island. We also play Boston, and we are planning on getting a trailer…”

Leeds is a three-track EP. The tracks have a congruent style that showcases the sound Maneuvers have created for themselves. High energy, electric and at the same time fluid, Maneuvers are the ideal rock trio thar pull from influences like At the Drive-in and even The Dismemberment Plan (without all the math-rock hype). Jeff’s voice comes out in emotional, though sometimes spastic, completely unique in it’s own right. On side B, “Mare Oceanum” lies amongst Paul’s progressive guitar melodies. Maneuvers tracks are strong yet still intricate. Urian is already tight and an impressive backbone at such a young age.

Maneuvers’ next show is Thursday October 30th at 242 Main – though take note it is going to be a cover set, because it’s Halloween! This is a huge benefit for the club, and at the same time a rockin’ Halloween Party with mandatory costumes. This show included some of Burlington’s hardest working rock and hardcore bands like Romans, Husbands AKA, Unrestrained, When Satellites Weep, Nathruzym, and I Remember. Well worth the $10. And if you’re in the area, Maneuver’s will be at the Koinonia Center in Plattsburgh with in Memory of Pluto on November 1st.

*Note: Nectar’s on trivia night is no place to test your new voice recorder.

- Adena Harford - The Deli Magazine


Upcoming Full Length - Fall 2008
Leeds 7 Inch Vinyl (I'm Not Yr Dentist Records) Summer 2008
Soothing Sounds of Sirens (EP - Summer 07)
Roger Sessions (Demo - Fall 06)



The Apollo Program may have been a hoax, but Maneuvers is not. Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, friends Paul Comegno and Jeff Foran began collaborating musically in late 2005. After many long nights of writing spazzy and intricate rock songs, the duo formed Maneuvers in March of 2006. Due to many lineup changes over the course of 2006 to group was forced to put playing shows on hold until they found the right people for the band. After loosing their first drummer, the pair teamed up with former Punch Out drummer, Urian Hackney. Influenced by bands like At The Drive-In, Fugazi, Bear vs Shark, Jawbox, and Drive Like Jehu, and Led Zeppelin, Maneuvers is ready to give loud and awe inspiring performances to audiences everywhere.