Man Factory

Man Factory

 Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

We fancy vocal harmonies with Momma-I'm-comin-home-late guitar riffs (if that actually makes any sense). We sound like the Cardigans and Weezer (um, their older stuff).
We're mighty proud of our new video:


Our sound is a hodge-podge of guitar rock, keyboard pop, folk, and maybe a little R&B. We've written a rock opera of completely new music and themes that incorporate the character names from the pop-culture phenomenon Street Fighter II, the classic SNES video game.

We've been a band for 5 years now. Older Man Factory material chronicles events that probably most 25-year-olds have been through: relationship nonsense, disenchantment with the workplace, and general buffoonery like breaking into Six Flags.

Our new music video was directed by the Luu Brothers, and just got accepted into the 23rd annual Dallas Video Fest, which takes place Sept. 23-26, 2010 at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. The video can be viewed in the videos section of this EPK or on youtube here:

Round Two of Street Fight! was released April 2, 2010. Round 1 is available in this press kit's music player.

Round Two can be streamed/downloaded/ordered at


Night at the Arcade

Written By: Man Factory

you're breakin in so late that no one sees or so you think
all you wanna do is street fight
a pair of coin inserts are glowin' red like demon's eyes
do you got a pair to insert

all you wanna do is street fight

in the corner hidden
with a warning sign
fighting is forbidden
playing is a crime
our machine is broken
so don't pay the price
it takes more than your token

do you really wanna street fight

i heard eleven played and every one disappeared
and since it happened the arcade paused it for 17 years
vega ken dhalsim ehonda
sagat bison zangief and blanka
balrog guile and ryu
your just a child
and now you too

if your lookin' for a fight then you come to the right place
make a new name now your old one's erased
enter your age and your weight your height
(medical records and your blood type)
the arcade at night is a stage where you'll have to fight

you think you hear a sound
comin' from the street
or is it just the pound
of your heartbeat (beat)
when you turn around
the sight that takes your breath
at the door is a silhouette

now you're gonna have to street fight

Chun Li, Outside

Written By: Man Factory

bison told me run along
chun li this won't take too long
just go outside
i've got some business with your dad
and i said do i know this man
and his eyes grew white

never mind my buddy here
then he looked at me with those glowin eyes
and he said "chun li, outside"

but why?
through the door
what for?
outside! on your way!
here to stay
through the door!
what for?
but why?!

have i seen that man before
he's got the body of a matador
he reminds me of someone i once met in spain
vega my conquistador
i am afraid, i'm afraid
why did you have to move all the way to spain?
i am afraid, i'm afraid
i'm all alone, all alone
i need you here at home

well i was waiting patiently
waiting just outside
when i heard a scream
coming from inside
daddy said "chun li, goodbye"

bison got away on a boat t'ward thailand
the captain of the boat had a scar and an eyepatch
yeah bison got away now his old life's erased
he never had to pay for murdering my dad
start the engine right away
pack my bags get on a plane
look out bison here i come
on a seven-forty-seven 'til your day is done

Chun Li, I'm Lovin' It

Written By: Man Factory

chun li wait
chun li wait
chun li stay in your country
stay away
stay away
stay away from my airplane

i couldn't bear to fly you to fight another man
bison's mean, bison's bad, bison fought and killed your dad
i know you would like some revenge
well dont we all hate his guts
but i like you way too much

i coulda sworn somebody told me you liked me too
it's drivin' me wild, i got to know, tell me your smile ain't no joke
rumor has you've got a crush
but if it ain't so tell me the truth, so i can get over lovin' you
rule book says you can't date the pilot
but if i quit, you can't go and i won't be a pilot no more
i know this is my interest
but your spiky wrists, your bogus hips, rapid kick, i'm lovin' it!

Where is Ryu?

Written By: Man Factory

hear me now son wipe that look off your face
you've got no reason to smile
evil's glowin' eyes have invaded our space
and now this is no place for a child

the buildings all crumble as our town is laid to waste
by a villian so potent and vile
is it really so? has our faith been misplaced?
has our hero hung us out to dry?

ryu! where is ryu?
ryu! save us from certain doom!

red alert captain we've picked up a trace!
it's a season pass to magic mile
well, he wouldn't've bought it if he didn't plan to stay
coasting in the US of A
let's bring him back now, let's resleeve the ace
let's reel in the line, let's restore the spine
the knot on our shoes and the belt 'round our waist
o the assurance radiates from his face!
he's the only hope left for this place!

well, tell the whole crew
that ryu's cut loose
yes, the rumors all were true and no, he won't come back for you
and as much as i hate to, we've gotta call the other dude
a sumo with an attitude
he's the only hope left for this place :(

e. honda's the one who'll get the job done
stop m. bison, save civilization

E Honda's Concern

Written By: Man Factory

a fat man like me has got job opportunities
like you wouldn't believe.
the local cafe has been callin' me every day.
they want me to work while i'm here.
my passport is fake but my thai food's first rate, y'all - take a bite...

i'm here on a mission to put you out of commission
and i got a license to kill.
your mind'll fill with doubt as i hoo-hooey your brains out
you're not as big as you think
you'll be on the run before the fighting's begun
stick a fork in you, you're done.

that's e. honda's concern.
one of these days you'll learn.
you think you got it all figured out,
well you can go on thinkin' whilst i knock you the fuck out

chun li! go home! we've got this under control!
this ain't your beat, it's a matter for interpol.
chun li! go home, we've got this under control!
this ain't your beef, it's a matter for interpol.

that's e. honda's concern.
you've got a lot left to learn.
as fighters go well, you're not all that bad
but your rapid kick ain't quite as rapid as my jab.

i'm a fighter! i'm not child, so you can't stop me!
and i'm stronger than you, so don't you try and tell me what to do!


Good Grief, Zangief

Written By: Man Factory

since the break-up of the soviet union
i've been broken up and thinkin of you chun
wishing that i could find you somehow
i'm sorry that i clotheslined you now
because these veins pump blood that yearns for you only
and the pro-wrestling circuit has gotten lonely
i know that i'm hardly your first pick
but i've been caught up in your whirlwind kick

chun li, you've got a strong hold on me
but i don't wanna leave
because you're all i need to be a complete zangief
chun li, you've got a strong hold on me
but i don't wanna leave
cause you're all i need to be complete

chun li i know you think that i'm all piledrivers and biceps
but there's somethin' real i feel i gotta get offa my chest
your ears are pierced your kicks are fierce your motives are righteous
if i had to go against you i couldn't i'd just die
if i looked in your eyes and saw you were just bein' nice

but why can't you look past my size
cuz without you by my side
might as well be small as a gerbil
i'm the guy who wants to do right by you
if i have to fight ryu with ten stars on turbo
if that's what it takes to make you see what i mean

zangief wait, zangief wait don't let your heart play you for a fool
there's a price that you'll pay for lettin' a lady get in a position so powerful.
but if there's a man among you worthy then you are he
these distractions it seems are best left to the birds
and fast action, zangief, will speak louder than words and
i've got it on good authority
that m. bison's gone bad even worse than before
you avenge chun li's dad she's yours forevermore
bison's cold to his core without conscience or mercy
take hold i implore son this conflict's not yours
please, don't fight

just fly


Written By: Man Factory

I'm here to serve you all the rum-punch you can drink
my name is balrog im your waiter for the evening
when i hear my bell, i turn into a beast
be my guest tonight-- all the punch'll be my treat

I make it strong use black magic when i spike it
there's nothin wrong give yourself the chance to try it
not so good at first. the aftertaste is worse.
look how your belly lurch-- nothin you can do to fight it

made in the USA just sit back take a gulp
made from your face and fist to make a bloody pulp
i bet your stomach will, will kinda like it
so won't you hold still while i use my right to strike it?

I'm gonna hand you while im at it
before the fight give you my jacket
cause im knockin you out cold
soon as i get to thailand
i think you better fold if you're afraid of my hand

I hear the guy ill fight he wears some kinda eye patch
ill have to tie both hands behind my back to handicap
that's ok because i got my head-butts
gotta wear a hat when it's time to hit the club

Here in thailand all the girls are wearin thai robes
but in the US all the girls are wearin tighter clothes
but i like them earrings hangin from your lobes
hold 'em dangling rest em on my pillows.

Sagat's always kickin-- kickin is for girls
i bet you chun li kicks cause chun li can't do curls
yea i kick it with her on the vegas strip
but i dont need a kick when i need to bust a lip

I only use my legs for one thing:
walk from my limo to the boxing ring.
And the only other time come to think of it
was on dancing with the stars i was doing the splits

"we're gonna need another quote for the headline
if you expect us to promote your upcoming fight"

put you're pens away!

"come on Balrog"

what else can i say? Is this thing on?


Round 1 and 2 of Street Fight!

Boyfriend Split- joint EP with emo-hip hop rappers The Sensitivity Boosters

Master Demo- featuring 28 tracks including singles "one on none," "amigos," "Carl Jones" and "My 9/11"

Set List

Our set list can last anywhere from 20 min. (8 songs) to an hour and a half (30 songs) of all original material.

A basic set list from our latest shows:

1. Balrog
2. Blanka
3. My 9-11 (older, non-street fighter song)
4. Guile
5. Ken 1 + 2
6. Damn Dinos (older, non-street fighter song)
7. Night @ The Arcade
8. Gen-X-Slaker (older, non-street fighter song)
9. Sagat