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"CorrienteLatina Interview"

Born in Loiza, Puerto Rico, Mangani is an up and coming Reggaeton lyricist Recently signed to WuLatino. got the opportunity to sit down with Mangani and see his thoughts on the industry, the culture and more.

CorrienteLatina: Mangani. Lets start out by asking you...what does the name mean?

Mangani: The name originally comes from the Tarzan books- the apes were Mangani. In the '70's there was a little click in Loiza, PR that
called themselves "Los Mangani" from then it has come to mean crazy, wild, or just someone that will do whatever Me and my friends would call each other
mangani whenever we did something crazy... most of those friends got killed and so I took the name for myself.

CorrienteLatina: wow. that's pretty interesting. So for those that dont know who Mangani is, let them know.

Mangani: Jajaja... Mangani the Reggaeton artist is the guy that's going to bring Reggaeton back to the streets!

Mangani: did u want a longer response? lol

CorrienteLatina: Nah that answer was your myspace page got Wulatino logo on there. I know we have spoken a little
before about Wulatino and my boy Sandro over there (Shout out to Sandro) tell us about your relationship with WuLatino.

Mangani: Wow.. ok... my relationship with WuLatino actually started with my brother, DJ Tito. Two years ago Rayroq- WuLatino's CEO- contacted Tito about starting a DJ squad for the label he was starting Tito is the Director/President and founder of the WuLatino Needlebreakers/Rompeagujas DJ Squad at the time I was basically doing my own thing, recording and releasing singles... mostly tiraera. Tito started pushing my music through the squad, and Rayroq expressed interest. We never really talked about it until late this year after we released a few tracks that got on a few mixtapes and websites, and even on international radio WuLatino was also reforming their roster, and they came to Tito about signing me, and so here we are.

CorrienteLatina: So you are officially signed to WuLatino?

Mangani: I am officially signed to WuLatino. I have a copy of the contract right here... but you can't see it! jajaja.

CorrienteLatina: Well congrats on that man....lmao....that's what's up man...they doing big things and your career should definitely prosper.
So talk about the mixtape?

Mangani: which one?

CorrienteLatina: The latest one of course. the one you put the image on your (That's right shameless plug)

Mangani: O, the WuLatino Presenta compilation.

Mangani: That is a compilation of all the WuLatino artists including myself, Rameses, Fly y Polzino, Nueva Era, and various featured
artists. as of right now you can expect to hear two of my singles on it- Cambumbo and Mangani Puneta, as well as an intro track

CorrienteLatina: AND you got the cover so that's what's up...AND the Mangani Puneta track is crazy....people need to peep that track.

Mangani: well that isn't the cover of the mixtape! jajajaja

CorrienteLatina: lol....I thought it

Mangani: that's the single cover- Tito and I always try to promote every single we can and that is what we made to promote the single.

CorrienteLatina: gotcha...well that cover is hot....and the single is it all makes sense.

Mangani: thanks!

Mangani: I'm glad you like it!

CorrienteLatina: As we all know there are alot of fake mofo's in the music scene right now and truthfully, I am getting sick of hearing a
bunch of fake dudes talking about popping gats and all that crap....what are your thoughts on the music scene right now?

Mangani: man o man... right now I think the entire industry is just siiiick... I mean like an epidemic! and you know, everyone complains
but we keep buying into it. That's why in my song "Lloriqueo" i say "como cabra al sacrificio, como un vicio, aceptamos a lo comercial sin juicio"

CorrienteLatina: Couldn't put it better myself. it's a huge marketing brainwash. 'thug' is a virus right now, and artists that are actually
doing something productive are getting shelved and dropped...its crazy....

CorrienteLatina: So what artists did you grow up listening to? who are your influences?

Mangani: my influences... man... well I was raised between Cali and PR... so you got E-40, Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre... then you got Bob Marley, Beenie Man, Supercat, Red Rat, and others... and then you got Daddy Yankee, Maicol y Manuel, Polaco, Tempo, Hornyman y Pantyman, etc. etc. etc. I also listen to R&B, Salsa, Juan Luis Guerra (I don't listen to bachata because he is my standard and most just don't measure up), even some Rock Latino like Mana!

CorrienteLatina: ok so your well diverse and that's good....its like this rapper 'Sacario' said in one of his freestyle "I'm the only rapper that don't listen to hiphop - that's not my zone" always liked that lin -



Mangani of the Jungle, for Mayor?
Celebrity Buzz Exclusives
Written by Lynx Garcia - Contributor
Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Mickey Angel Couvertier Pizarro, also known as Mangani, reggaeton/Latin hip hop artist was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico to parents who were from Loiza P.R. and he was raised in San Jose, California. The Pizarro family was a musically inclined family, and at the ripe age of 4, Mangani's father made him sing at church.
When he was 8 years old, he began to rap to the very same songs. It wasn't till the age of 13, he would truly consider himself a rapper. When Mangani turned 15, his family moved back to Puerto Rico and he graduated high school in Loiza. I asked Mangani, where on earth did he come up with the name Mangani, and I also asked, if it had any meaning. He took a deep breath and began to explain:

" Many figures from Loiza have been nicknamed Mangani, like Sammy Fuentes the boxer. It's from the Tarzan novels, but became popular in Loiza in the 70's, as a term meaning "crazy," or used to describe kids who did "jungle" things, like climb palm trees, snorkel for lobster, surf, go crabbing, digging for clams, playing congas, etc. The history, the meaning compared to how I grew up in Loiza, I used to climb palm trees for coconuts, I used to make vejigante masks, fish for lobster, crabs, conch, dig for clams…I was a jungle dude…Mangani. I had a friend that I distinctly recall calling me that who was killed by another friend of mine, and for some reason I kept remembering a conversation I had with him, in which he said his older brother and I were "Mangani," because we did all those things and I just stuck in my head."

I secretly smiled to myself and I laughed, because I recalled looking at his picture for the first time, and I was a little taken back. I had expected the usual studio photo shoot picture, but what I found instead, was a man with his mouth open wide, as if he were screaming or wailing and in the background. You could see the sun struggling to break out of dark clouds and treetops, green hued leaves all around and I had thought to myself "Y este loco?" (And this nut?). But once I heard his explanation, and I recalled his style and delivery and the lyrical content of his hit single "Mangani Puneta," the name suited him just fine.

There is a line in this particular song that I love, "Yo le tiro al la calle lo que la calle pide" (What I put out in the streets is what the streets ask for). What exactly are the streets asking for, Mangani?

" Well, the streets I'm referring to, is the "Cacos" that I know, the streets I grew up on, and the veteran artists that I know, as well as fans that tell me what they like from me and what they don't like from me. They want truth. They want music that makes sense and makes them think. They don't want to hear love stories, novelas de cuernos, [bedroom drama] singing, nice thinly plucked eyebrows, glittery and shiny shirts, etc. Personally, I feel "reggaeton" has been hijacked by metrosexuals, and the "Caco" culture is being suppressed. I want to bring back that appeal. They want "black" music to sound "black."

Speaking of race and color Mangani, what ethnicity do you consider yourself?

" Black, Afro-Boricua, Afro-Antillano, Boricua, Afro-Latino, Latino, Blacktino, he says as he laughs, "all of the above."

I asked him what his educational background was. He let me know that he did not go to college, but he did receive all of his training in the military, first in Intelligence and Electronic Systems Repair and later as a Biomedical Engineer.

" I have manufacturer certifications on specific equipment, and by the end of this year should have at least one acronym behind my name. So no standard "higher education," but in my defense I do read a lot. LOL!"

Hmmm, a Biomedical Engineer? I almost had to look it up, but he explained that it was just a fancy word for someone who fixes medical equipment. He also shared with me that, he has been volunteering for trips to South America (right now, Ecuador) to train technicians there, collect and test donated equipment, help them organize their departments, etc.

" Part of my Biomedical Engineering work has lately been charitable. The company I work for, Trimedx, is owned by a non-profit organization, Ascension Health, which is the largest Catholic Health Organization in the U.S. Trimedx owns the Trimedx Foundation, which is a non-profit org that helps other non-profits on missions around the world, in healthcare equipment management. I am currently the lead tech for Ecuador.

In Ecuador we are supporting the Timmy Foundation, a group formed by medical students, which provide medical aid to different countries, and together we are helping out La Fundacion Tierra Nueva (New World Foundation), which has a 50 bed hospital (Instituto Medico Tierra Nueva) and -


"DJ Tito Presents HWY 420"- mixtape, "Puerto Rico"- Mangani ft. Ricanstrukta, Envi-1 (bonus track)

"No No Vales..."- Single ft. DJ Tito, 2005

"Si Tu Quieres"- Single, 2006- received radio play in Spain, New Zealand, and internet radio

"El Embajador del Underground"- Single, 2006, received radio play in New Zealand

"A Pure Heat"- Single, 2007, Stamma ft. Mangani (PureFire productions), received radio play in Canada

"Muevelo"- Torombolo ft. Mangani (off of Torombolo's 'Calibre' LP, Chamillion Ent. 2006)

"Yanuis the Beatmachine, Vol.2"- Mixtape, "Lo Digo Yo"

"DJ Tito presents HWY 420 vol.2"- Mixtape, "420 Anthem (Fumeteo)"- Mangani ft. Malian-T, "Tu Respiras"- Mangani ft. Malian-T, "Lo Digo Yo"- Mangani

"Fumeteo (solo version)"- Video single released on Youtube and Myspace videos (video features Mangani, DJ Tito, and Pablo el Poeta Perverso)

Wu Tang Latin Presenta "La Familia"- 2008

DJ Tito Presents HWY 420 vol. 3- not yet released, 2008



Born in Loiza, Puerto Rico, Mangani is a Reggaeton/Latin Hip Hop lyricist/artist. Boasting a history of writing/freestyling/rapping since the age of 8, Mangani is working to establish himself as not just an artist, but a movement in the Reggaeton/Latin Hip Hop genres.

Raised between San Jose, California and Loiza, Puerto Rico Mangani has a versatile style which combines West Coast style gangster rap, Loiza style underground lyrics, and a toungue in cheek revolutionary consciousness. He rapped exclusively in English until 1993 when he heard what were then the first Reggaeton tracks, known back then strictly as "underground". With his brother, DJ Tito, by his side as the musical composer, producer, and DJ, Mangani (Then known as Ouija da Wicked One) and his rap partner La Sister (then known as Sh'killa, and who is signed to Machete Music, "Majestad Negroide"-2006) took the streets of Loiza by storm in the early 90's. They battled other local groups on street corners, bars, clubs, and house parties until they parted ways in 1998 due to Mangani joining the US Army.

Remaining an underground presence throughout the years, Mangani saw an opportunity with the gaining commercial buzz of Reggaeton in early 2005. He linked up with DJ Tito who was then dj'ing for a group in Madison, WI. They recorded several tracks with the group, and had several breakthrough performances including one in which the attendance record was broken at the legendary blues club "Luther's Blues" of Madison. It was the popularity of this show that led to the breakup of the group, and the re-establishment of Mangani as a solo artist.

Mangani has appeared in several collbaorations, mixtapes, podcasts, internet radio shows, even international radio. He just appeared on an official remix for "You Can't Stop Me Now" off of Bobby Digital's (The Wu Tang Clan's Rza) new LP "Digi Snax". Stay tuned for more from this versatile artist as 2008 will only bring bigger and better things for this hot new star which is breaking the mold of Latin Hip Hop and Reggaeton!!!


Mickey Couvertier
CEO, Mangani Entertainment
President, Latin Hip Hop Commission