It's all about mojo 'n shagedelic, baby.


Merlin and Lancelot met in Verdun and started getting the groove on. Then, they met with the guitar mastership of Christophe and they soon enlisted prodigy-drummer Antonin to join them in their wild ride. And when Djaga came from Senegal to their jamming place, they became mangomango once and for all! Full of soul and power, mangomango will invade your brainwaves sooner or later.


Are You Ready? Big Black Cadillac
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Set List

1. New Space (20 min)
2. Duck Duck Goose (7 min)
3. Oh My 123 (2 min)
4. Poop pap (3 min)
5. Yo Mama (4 min)
6. Are You Ready? (3 min)
7. It's my Train (4 min)
8. Krautfun (8 min)
9. Red River (3 min)
10. (en rappel) Soulrider