It could relate to the experience of sunbathing in the Fidjis, craving for a caipirinha, feeling really good but totally useless.


We have many, many influences.
Liars, Paul Simon's Graceland, Blonde Redhead, Gravenhurst, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Pulp, Chris Isaak, Nirvana, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg, blablabla... But can you really hear it ?
French cheese is a major influence and is probably how you'll really know we're a French band (+ the accent) since we sing in English and have a very Anglo Saxon pop edge.


Eyes Closed

Written By: Alexandre Millet

You should eat and finish your dish 'cause we are not not done yet and it will probably be a little while before the dawn arise,

So let's forget about love X 2

But there was this time when you were all mine,
But now, we're on the other side, watching from inside time passing by,

So let's forget about love X 4

Slowly we'll drown deeper into ground,
And eyes closed, and nothing after all


Recently, we have released a self titled EP in 2006 and in January another EP called "Eyes Closed" on a French indie label called Jackslams. A 7" vinyl is coming soon and new recordings are on their way.

Set List

Our sets are usually around 50 minutes long + an encore. We have an electric and an acoustic set according to the size of the venues.
Typical setlist:
Battle of Marston Moore
Please Love Me
Off the Rails
Faceless Faces
Man of Constant Sorrow
Eyes Closed
Up in the Hills
Do I Dare?
Goldfish in a Bowl