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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Manhattan Talks New Album and The Environment"


Upon Lemar & Dauley becoming successful we had to mature in a different way. We went through a lot of changes, mentally, emotionally.

I was watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome[1]. The part when he fighting in the dome, when they said, “2 men enter, 1 man leaves”, that’s how I feel about this business. So instead of Thunderdome it’s Glitterdome and then all the other shit is philosophical.

And the glitter?

That’s cause at at the end of the day we all shining. It’s what people are made of, we’re just made of shiny little things. We’re enamored by things that are small and shiny and that’s what I have going on in my head sometimes. I think everyone has that. Your ideas are just sparks of energy and we’re enamored by that, but yeah these are really my thoughts. -

"Manhattan: Live From The Glitter Dome"

The opening track, ‘The Glitter Dome,’ introduces Manhattan as an artist who’s “frozen thoughts get broken…split up into different pictures,” i.e. the glitter in his dome. He cautions later in the song ‘your gonna gravitate to this ultra magnetic rappin / but be for-warned what your in for is not your average anticks.’ Gravitate indeed. I just got my hands on this and listened to it four times in a row. I haven’t been this excited about new music in a while. -


Live From the Glitter Dome



Born Daniel R. Pierre (July 12, 1981) in New York, NY, Currently known in street-wear culture as Manhattan, is an African American entrepreneur most noted for ushering in urban fashion for the new millennium with his Street-Wear brand Lemar and Dauley Clothing.

As brand director of Lemar and Dauley since 2005, Manhattan developed a savvy for marketing and consumer interests. After a stellar career in fashion Manhattan along with long time business partner Kareem Blair of Lemar and Dauley Clothing, the two set their sites on music and film in 2010, essentially using their relevant resources to form Bridge Kids Media. Manhattan serves as the media platforms monarch and first independent act.

Early Life

Manhattan was born in New York and has resided in the Upper West Side of Manhattan for most his life. Both Manhattan's parents are Caribbean-Americans who have greatly influenced his eclectic taste in regards to music, fashion, and art. Originally Manhattan dedicated his efforts in visual arts, excelling quickly and eventually was accepted to LaGuardia High School of Music, Arts and Performing Arts, where he attended school for three years alongside other notable alumni, recording artist Kelis and Nicki Minaj. As Manhattan's turbulent relationship with his estranged parents became unbearable he was force to leave home and school. After a vagrant stretch Manhattan spent most his time reevaluating his troubled youth and became an avid reader focusing on philosophy and economics.

Music and Philosophy

Fellow LaGuardia attendant Kareem Blair initially persuaded Manhattan to use his artistic abilities to assist in building a fashion brand, Manhattans prowess in the area of rap would prove to be valuable later in their endeavors. Manhattan has never classified himself as a true rapper, “Rap is just the technique, I wouldn’t say that’s the sum of what I do…Warhol wasn’t a painter, he was a social antagonist who just so happened to use paint”. Manhattan's love for philosophy and art shows in his music and style, trying constantly to bridge together an appreciation of aesthetics and cultural politics, “I’m like Helmut Lang up in Harlem…I don’t care what people say cause I know what their thinking, their just afraid to admit they love my style”.


Manhattan has spent most his career behind the camera but has cultivated a following that gravitates towards his polished sense of style. “Its just second nature at this point, your attitude makes the style work. When we started with clothing everyone was a skeptic, now the whole world is wearing skinny-jeans and high-top Nikes…I sag my pants and grown woman blush, I pull them up and hood girls blush, it’s all about how you carry it”


Manhattan has worked with many notable artists and producers but develops music exclusively with producers M.I.K.E. SEE and Beat Bully. Manhattan has been said to have a very open ear in regards to original music and has experimented with Alternative Rock, Dance and Folk music. Early inspirations for Manhattans musical interest include Nas, Prince, Billy Idol, Nina Simone, Carly Simon, and Jay-Z to name a few. “My friends used to think I was crazy when I was younger, they would come over to my house and I would be sitting there drunk listening to Phoebe Snow…at the time it seemed strange but now they beg me to cover those old records”.


Manhattan is well read in the area of philosophy and adheres regularly to the literature of Ayn Rand and her coined philosophy Objectivism. “I consider myself a spiritual person and I believe in God…I love to understand how people work and what makes them tick, for me philosophy and business go hand in hand…always know your customer”.

First Musical Project

After years of searching for a specific sound Bridge Kids Media embarked on Manhattan's first public release “Live From The Glitter Dome”. Live From The Glitter Dome was essentially a personal project for Manhattan but after much counseling from Kareem Blair and M.I.K.E SEE he sought out to make the project his first offering. Manhattan and M.I.K.E SEE developed what is known as the “Dough Boy Sound”, a completely organic-synth sound that keeps a Hip-Hop rhythm but allows melody to carry out in a song. “The misconception is that a synth sound cant be soulful…the Dough Boy Sound knocks but still blends well with soulful vocals…I sang most of my album by myself with no auto-tunes, it wasn’t necessary”. Manhattan also enlisted the help of up and coming R&B act SOSA. She is accredited with backing up Manhattans vocals and introducing a soulful quality to the music. Other notable credits include Beat Bully (production) Kenny McDonald (engineer), Christian Rich (production), and Skyzoo (recording artist). “The music has passion and that’s all I’ve ever wanted…it speaks to people in an intelligent way but at the same time its my life take it or leave it”.