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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Good Music All Day Manicanparty - "Monarch""

Manicanparty is back with a beautiful brand new video for their track “Monarch”. My favorite part of the video actually comes in the final minute of the video, so make sure you watch and listen from 3 minutes to 4 minutes into the song. The group has been nice enough to keep the free download link going, so grab that below and show them some love on Facebook. Enjoy! - Good Music All Day

"Manicanparty - "Monarch""

Almost exactly a month ago Manicanparty emerged from the chasms of nowhere to the forefront of many "Pop" idealist's playlists with their debut single "Rebels in the Light." The best part about this is that Manicanparty isn't particularly Pop, per say. In fact, it's hard to pigeonhole them into any particular genre. The audacity has been mustered by some to make comparisons to Fun. (which is particularly bold), yet their lead singer is female, and their music isn't manufactured for Indie-Hipster tweens who need a crowd-pleasing backdrop for their Bat Mitzvah. Simply put, Manicanparty is Indie music at it's finest.

Their new single "Monarch" exhibits the same percussive backdrops and uplifting support vocals that "Rebels in the Light" displayed, but the track takes a more synthesized approach than it's predecessor. It covers an array of characteristics that their previous work was built around while taking an unexpected turn down dance-beat lane towards the end of the song, sparking speculation about what direction they are exactly going towards with their music. It could be that they are simply finding their sound, after all -- they are a very new artist. Regardless, Manicanparty has struck gold with their duo of debut singles, and we'll be anxiously waiting to see what their next move will be. - Earmilk

"Conversations With Sammy Hagar, Chick Corea and Tom Rush, Plus a Manicanparty Exclusive"

This video's got it all. Foamy waves crashing on untouched sand? Check. Tribal dancing through fields and flowers? Check. Fun, fun, fun 'til their daddy takes the T-Bird away? Check and check.

So according to Manicanparty...

"It's ironic. Even though this song stemmed from a troubling experience, the end result reflects something completely different. An upbeat lively song that reflects a sense of renewal and celebration. Traveling from one mental space to another. A metamorphosis which we all go through at one point or another." - Huffington Post

"The Music Ninja"

New York’s Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey have combined their wits into an up and coming indie-pop project called Manicanparty. Recently the two have released an electric, eccentric, track titled “Rebels In The Light” that has been getting a lot of exposure (soaring to 44,000 plays in only four days) for very good reason. The track itself feels like a world of its own; the drums are active and atypical, transitioning into jungle grooves that prompt an exploration of sound during the bridge parts, with the other tracks building up this world of sound. With these other layers building up the foundation, the vocals really soar… and you’ll be humming the melody for the rest of the day. Stream below to see what all the hype is about:
- The Music Ninja

"Complex review"

Manicanparty started to gain buzz with "Rebels In The Light," and they follow that up with a stripped down, haunting cover of Miike Snow's "Animal." The Brooklyn duo is planning an upcoming release that will include original songwriting and production from both Patrick and Jessica. Keep an eye out, and read more about the upcoming act in this interview.
- Complex

"Pigeons and planes"

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been talking a lot about Manicanparty here lately. One reason is because we really like what they’re doing, and the second being they continue to deliver new material like clockwork. We’ve heard two records for them thus far, last week’s “Monarch” and their first release “Rebels In The Light”. Today we have a video for the latter, which features members Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza. In it the pair put into action the theme of the song, which preaches determination and the importance of believing in self-worth regardless of how bleak your beginnings or situation might seem. Watch Manicanparty cook up inspiration in this new video below. - P&P


Still working on that hot first release.



Manicanparty are Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey. Friends since their high school days in Minnesota, they make expressive, uplifting tribal pop, bringing together the best of classic and modern sounds, from Paul Simon to Ellie Goulding, from Peter Gabriel to Florence and the Machine. While they draw on the same aural palette as many electro-pop artists today, their
classic sense of song craft, soaring vocals, and infectious tribal rhythms set them apart.
Manicanparty will be releasing their debut full-length album in October, which will feature 'Rebels In The Light'
and a cover of Miike Snow's
each of which have already accumulated well over 350,000 Youtube views.