Manic Bloom

Manic Bloom

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Described as the lovechild of Muse & Coldplay, Manic Bloom is a refreshing breath of air from the calculated rock bands of today.


Tour Highlights:
2010 Buzzfest at LP Field Nashville
CMJ Music Marathon NYC
NACA Central Regional Conference Showcase
Red Gorilla Music Fest (2009-2010)
2011 Music City Mayham Awards - "Best Rock Band" and "Best Bass Player"
Endorsed by David Eden Bass Amps, Warwick Guitars, Pro Mark Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads
Channel 1 News broadcast/advertised

Music played on and licensed to:
The Real World
Bad Girls Club
Fresh Meat II
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Warren the Ape
The City
World Of Jenks
Married to Rock
The Spin Crowd and more.


Beginnings are never easy.

After forming in a room where the only pieces of furniture were a piano bench and a drum throne, Manic Bloom is finding its voice. It wasn't the delusion of grandeur or the promise of fame that inspired the five members to let go of everything and pursue their musical ambitions. That isn't quite the style of Nashville, Tennessee's "Epic Melodic Rock" band.

"We played plenty of shows to empty rooms when we were first starting out," drummer Jeff Brinkley admits. "It was during that time we had to ask ourselves a lot of questions about who we are and what we were trying to accomplish. If any of those answers had anything to do with money or stardom, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be where we are today."

In their 2015 full length release "I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me," listeners can hear some of the thoughts that were going through their heads. Visions of hope met with brutal struggles. Intense passion confronted with equally concentrated opposition. This dichotomy is what defines Manic Bloom, according to keys player Jeff Hildebrand. "The reality is that we all live in conflict. However, we've seen over and over again that if we persevere, the result can be beautiful."

And persevere they have, garnering's Artist of the Month for July 2010, the "Best New Artist of 2009" award from Nashville's 102.9 The Buzz,'s October 2008 Grand Prize, and airtime on MTV and Oxygen. They also found themselves as the exclusive background music for the videos of internet sensations Dude Perfect, whom have over 18 million views on YouTube. "Almost immediately after [Dude Perfect] used our music, we started getting emails from people all over the globe," recalls frontman David Stevenson. "We were having to use online translators just to communicate with fans - it was surreal."

Manic Bloom approached the process of recording "I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me" differently than their previous two albums. Though still completely self-engineered and produced, "we were very intentional while recording this time around," said bassist Andy Neale. "We were not going to be satisfied with just releasing a handful of new songs. We threw parts away and re-recorded entire tracks multiple times, and several melodies were rewritten weeks after we thought they were already solidified. We even completely scrapped one song because it didn't fit the cohesiveness of the others."

After emerging from their basement studio, which they have nicknamed "The Dungeon," they called upon mixing engineer JR McNeely (Underoath, Relient K, and many more) and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwell for the finishing touches.

"Our first two albums were mostly created while reflecting on the past," said guitarist Matt Lawrence. "[For this project], we focused a lot more on what's in front of us. This album is about everything after this moment. We're not stopping."


Never Back Down

Written By: Manic Bloom

It's said a million ways
Just give up while you can
But you can keep your feeble phrase
And you can have your connections
I'll just take my time
Let em wonder what I'm up to
Just keep waiting
But I never

Think you always get your way
Don't waste my time
Try to tell me what to say
I'll say what's on my mind
If you want to give me hell
Then just get in line
I don't care how much you yell
No I never will back down

I see the hunger in your eyes
The way you prowl around my skin
But I can see through your disguise
Don't want it, don't buy it
I know what you fear
But you'll never admit
Just keep pushing
But I never


A Thousand Angels

Written By: Manic Bloom

A passing thought
Some apparition dancing in my head
Of what's not to come

Where would I be
If morning had never broken
If you were never here

Give me one more touch
Because my body, it screams
To be replaced by you

Give me one more word
Cause everything you say
Feels like a thousand angels singing

I'll admit that I'm still afraid of the dark when
I can't see you and
I confess that your flame is the only way that I'll
Stay warm

Please don't take away your eyes that
Resurrect, that bring me life I
Don't know how I'd live without your
Live without your face


Running From The Scene

Written By: Manic Bloom

My hands are covered with the blood of all the
Thoughts that flood my aching mind
And I know that when left alone I don't find the time
To match your desires up to mine and see what's right

Running from the scene of the crime
The last thing I need is to do what I've already done
Wish that I could rewind and start over
These thoughts still dwell in my mind
I'm losing a battle I thought that I had already won
Wish this part of my life could be over

Sometimes I feel the sin rage inside my soul
Sometimes I feel like just letting it take control
And then the pain I feel, the times I stray,
Would be the slightest regret that I just push away
And as I try to stand my heart is filled with nothing but hurt
My feet are heavy as they're pushing me down in the dirt
And all I ask is you don't give up on me
Someday I'll live like you died for me


Push Off The Ground

Written By: Manic Bloom

Tick tock, my mind moves slow
All I can do is simply stare at the sky
We pray it's far from morning
Cause it's easier in cover of night

Can you rescue me
Can you save my life

So I scream your name
And take a moment to clear my mind
Forget the thought of accomplishment
And just push off the ground and run

These numbers overwhelm
Like sifting dust inside a hole in the ground
We break the glass, these few
And spill the fire as it's all rushing down

Don't talk to me about letting go
I've walked a thousand miles
Trapped in this burning skin

And after all this time
I need you to say it

Can you rescue me
Can you save my life



I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me

1. Start A New One
2. When You Sleep
3. False Prophet
4. Won't Be Alone
5. Is It Love
6. Nothing to Prove
7. Answer
8. Running From the Scene (JR McRemix)
9. One More Chance
10. Prepare the Way
11. Farewell
12. My Fault

In Loving Memory

1. La Naissance
2. Never Back Down
3. Death and Conversation
4. A Thousand Angels
5. Toynbee
6. Push Off the Ground
7. In Loving Memory
8. Au Milieu

Manic Bloom EP

1. To the Edge
2. What Scares You Most
3. Running From the Scene
4. Tonight's When I Say Goodbye
5. Betrayer
6. Everything I Saved You From

Set List

Typical set is 60 minutes, and we perform original music. However, we have a number of covers that go well with our style that we like to play as well. 


- Start A New One
- Running From the Scene
- Tonight's When I Say Goodbye
- When You Sleep
- Is It Love
- Answer
- In Loving Memory
- Toynbee
- Push Off the Ground
- 1000 Angels
- False Prophet
- One More Chance
- Never Back Down