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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Alternative




"'s July 2010 Artist of the Month"

More and more these days, it seems that popular music is slipping into a homogenized smear of carbon-copied bands, echoing the efforts of past masters until their product is reduced to what feels like a mere hum of static nonsense. Almost every time you turn on the television, from regurgitated scripted dramas to car commercials, there’s a vaguely pleasing, unobtrusive piece of mood-setting music that sounds like just about anything else you’ve ever heard.

To combat this dumbing down of music, bands nowadays must strive to achieve a sound that can only be described with the most overused, and often misused, word in rock literature: originality. Because the struggle to be unique has become the litmus test by which all bands seem to judge themselves, it usually leaves them with something that is either sterile imitation or, even worse, unlistenable.

Neither of these pitfalls has befallen Manic Bloom, voted as’s July 2010 Artist of the Month. The Nashville-based quintet serves as an example of how a band should carve out their own identity in a business where false ones are being manufactured daily. Manic Bloom seems to understand that the true secret to originality (there, I said it) is in the careful combination of styles and influences that previously remained separate.

“The five of us all come from very, very different musical backgrounds,” lead singer David Stevenson said. “I grew up in country and gospel…while Matt (Lawrence, guitarist) is into bands like Rage Against the Machine with heavier sounds and funk-style parts.”

From the tight, snappy R&B-inspired musicianship made popular by Maroon 5 to the swirling, dark and fuzzed-out guitar lines reminiscent of Muse, Manic Bloom is certainly on to something. To say that they sound like either of these bands would be inaccurate, just as it would be inaccurate to say that they sound like both. What’s really at work here is the ability to create something that includes elements of already familiar music, while leaving the listener unable to put their finger on exactly why it’s so familiar.

Above all else, though, Manic Bloom hopes to create a reason for music fans to become invested in the music they listen to again.

“We want people to experience music,” Stevenson said. “But you have to make a conscious decision to seek out something that you can really connect with and not just passively absorb the bubblegum stuff over and over.”

The listeners on have done just that, a fact that Stevenson said he doesn’t take lightly.

“Stereofame is a true community,” he said. “It’s obvious that the people on the site really pay attention to music and are passionate just from the feedback you get.”
To find out more about Manic Bloom and the release of their upcoming EP "In Loving Memory," visit - Collin Elliott,

""Their unique sound, with heavy keyboards and perfectly blended vocals has gained them attention ""

Somehow Manic Bloom landed in Nashville, a band's dream town and the home of Country music. The only problem was they played rock. But that didn't stop them. It instead fueled their fire to be the best rock band Nashville has seen in a while.
Hildee, keys player, stated, "We've all seen people who have let go of their dreams to make ends meet, and people who just get stuck playing some part in life that they really don't want. We don't have that option. We were made to do this."
And made to do it is right. After countless hours, days of no sleep, they were able to self record their first EP and that is opening doors for them beyond their wildest dreams.
Their unique sound, with heavy keyboards and perfectly blended vocals has gained them attention from being named 'Nashville's Best New Artist of 2009" by 102.9 the Local Buzz to having their music selected for no less than ten TV shows, including The Real World, The City, and Fame, along with a German TV Commercial. They are also the Featured Band this month on Sunset Island Music.
From the driving to 'Running from the Scene' to the soul moving 'Betrayer' (personal Favorite) Manic Bloom is sure to please a wide array of listeners. They describe their work as Epic-Melodic-Rock...I agree, for they are a 'Manic Bloom' of sound.
- Birmingham Examiner

""Their live show is incomparable""

I have to say, their high energy drew me in and captivated me until the very end... they are as solid as what you hear on their six track demo.
-JB -

"October 2008 Music Finals"

Love the hook on Running from the Scene.... Song packs a real punch. I think the band and the tune does [Ourstage] proud.
-Daniel Palmer -

""You won’t be disappointed""

These guys put on a fantastic show! They are all phenomenal musicians and an extremely tight band. ...It is great to see a band where each member is equally a master of their instrument.
-Keith Stancil - Artist Garden Entertainment

""Manic Bloom is certainly a group to watch""

...epic piano, catchy vocals and breakneck drums to a pitch that is, more often than not, more frenetic and frenzied than anything else you can generally find in the alternative/progressive rock world.
-Michael Aguilar - Southeastern Performer Magazine

""2009 Best New Artist""

Winners of Nashville's The Local Buzz "Best New Artist" 2009 - 102.9 The Local Buzz


Placed 3rd, 5th, and 10th in's monthly battle of the bands in January (3rd/5th)and March (10th) - Music Finalist

"SAE Battle of the Bands Runner Up"

1st Runner Up in SAE's 2009 Battle of the Bands. - SAE

"Battle of the Bands Champion"

Winners of Nashville's 102.9 The Local Buzz radio Battle of the Bands contest. May, 2009. - 102.9 The Local Buzz

"Ambassadors of Rock"

Runner-Up in Hard Rock Cafe's Ambassadors of Rock Battle of the Bands. - Hard Rock Cafe


I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me

1. Start A New One
2. When You Sleep
3. False Prophet
4. Won't Be Alone
5. Is It Love
6. Nothing to Prove
7. Answer
8. Running From the Scene (JR McRemix)
9. One More Chance
10. Prepare the Way
11. Farewell
12. My Fault

In Loving Memory

1. La Naissance
2. Never Back Down
3. Death and Conversation
4. A Thousand Angels
5. Toynbee
6. Push Off the Ground
7. In Loving Memory
8. Au Milieu

Manic Bloom EP

1. To the Edge
2. What Scares You Most
3. Running From the Scene
4. Tonight's When I Say Goodbye
5. Betrayer
6. Everything I Saved You From



Tour Highlights:
2010 Buzzfest at LP Field Nashville
CMJ Music Marathon NYC
NACA Central Regional Conference Showcase
Red Gorilla Music Fest (2009-2010)
2011 Music City Mayham Awards - "Best Rock Band" and "Best Bass Player"
Endorsed by David Eden Bass Amps, Warwick Guitars, Pro Mark Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads
Channel 1 News broadcast/advertised

Music played on and licensed to:
The Real World
Bad Girls Club
Fresh Meat II
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Warren the Ape
The City
World Of Jenks
Married to Rock
The Spin Crowd and more.


Beginnings are never easy.

After forming in a room where the only pieces of furniture were a piano bench and a drum throne, Manic Bloom is finding its voice. It wasn't the delusion of grandeur or the promise of fame that inspired the five members to let go of everything and pursue their musical ambitions. That isn't quite the style of Nashville, Tennessee's "Epic Melodic Rock" band.

"We played plenty of shows to empty rooms when we were first starting out," drummer Jeff Brinkley admits. "It was during that time we had to ask ourselves a lot of questions about who we are and what we were trying to accomplish. If any of those answers had anything to do with money or stardom, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be where we are today."

In their 2015 full length release "I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me," listeners can hear some of the thoughts that were going through their heads. Visions of hope met with brutal struggles. Intense passion confronted with equally concentrated opposition. This dichotomy is what defines Manic Bloom, according to keys player Jeff Hildebrand. "The reality is that we all live in conflict. However, we've seen over and over again that if we persevere, the result can be beautiful."

And persevere they have, garnering's Artist of the Month for July 2010, the "Best New Artist of 2009" award from Nashville's 102.9 The Buzz,'s October 2008 Grand Prize, and airtime on MTV and Oxygen. They also found themselves as the exclusive background music for the videos of internet sensations Dude Perfect, whom have over 18 million views on YouTube. "Almost immediately after [Dude Perfect] used our music, we started getting emails from people all over the globe," recalls frontman David Stevenson. "We were having to use online translators just to communicate with fans - it was surreal."

Manic Bloom approached the process of recording "I Know What's Next... But You Won't Believe Me" differently than their previous two albums. Though still completely self-engineered and produced, "we were very intentional while recording this time around," said bassist Andy Neale. "We were not going to be satisfied with just releasing a handful of new songs. We threw parts away and re-recorded entire tracks multiple times, and several melodies were rewritten weeks after we thought they were already solidified. We even completely scrapped one song because it didn't fit the cohesiveness of the others."

After emerging from their basement studio, which they have nicknamed "The Dungeon," they called upon mixing engineer JR McNeely (Underoath, Relient K, and many more) and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwell for the finishing touches.

"Our first two albums were mostly created while reflecting on the past," said guitarist Matt Lawrence. "[For this project], we focused a lot more on what's in front of us. This album is about everything after this moment. We're not stopping."

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