Manic Drive

Manic Drive


• “Reason for Motion Tour” 05/06 • Top 10 Rock Summit • R&R Top 30/MORE RADIO Top 5 • Music Video - Steelroots TV, TVU, JCTV, Much Music • TNA Wrestling / Spike TV • Covenant Awards • Whiplash Records



Manic Drive looks to hit the road again this month pushing their international release “Reason for Motion”. It has been an incredible year for the band as they make their mark in the industry. Extensive touring, media showcases, heavy radio play, awards, magazine/newspapers write ups, television appearances and sharing the stage with high caliber artist such as Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Pillar, Superchic(k) and Audio Adrenaline is only the beginning for this fresh band.

Manic Drive made their first impression in the heart of Christian Music in Nashville, TN earlier this year at GMA week ’05. At the same week their album “Reason for Motion” was released off of Whiplash Records, hitting stores across North America with their single “Nebulous” climbing charts. Manic Drive became a highlight in many eyes of industry people across the nation with their intense and energetic show.

Manic Drive was then showcased at the Rock Summit in Columbus, OH with a room filled with on-air radio personals, music directors, A&R reps, and other kinds of media. As Manic Drive presented their music the audience was captivated and blown away voting Manic Drive high in the top 10 favorite upcoming acts for 2006.

Manic Drive is now no stranger to radio as they climb the R&R Top 30 Christian Rock chart in the U.S for their latest single “Memories.” The single has been receiving tons of airplay not only the great U.S.A, but internationally in the U.K, Australia and in their homeland Canada as they are presently No. 4 on MORE RADIO Top 5.

Following the radio hit single came their first music video. A controversial, yet powerful piece of work that has been recognized and airing on both Christian and mainstream television programming including Steelroots TV, JCTV, TVU and Canada’s biggest national music video 24/7 program Much Music (indie-spotlight). The video can be viewed on the brand new Whiplash Records website along with Podcast interviews with Manic Drive and label mates Farewell June and Carrie Pettit.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough TNA wrestling wants to feature Manic Drive’s “Something More” as background music live on Spike TV. The first airing will be this Saturday November 5.

Manic Drive being one of the fastest growing Canadian groups of the year were recognized by the 2005 Covenant Music Awards (CGMA) and were nominated for “Best Modern Rock Song of the Year” and “Best Modern Rock Album of the Year.” Other nominees included Thousand foot Krutch, Relient K and Hawk Nelson. The two time Covenant nominated group were invited to perform at the ceremony with their hit singles “Nebulous” and “Memories.”

Manic Drive heads back on the road for the continuation of their “Reason for Motion tour” this November. They will rock the masses from Canada to Texas. Check out their new website at for concert listings near you.


Manic Drive "Reason For Motion" Available now worldwide!