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We have currently one 4-track demo CD, recorded and mastered at the Seattle Drum School in Seattle, Washington. We have no tracks that play on the radio.



Bands today have been influenced by Generation X. Everyone is effected by the current scene. Our music is driven by the roots of rock and roll, and its pioneers such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, The Doors, and Black Sabbath. We also try to listen to the bands that influenced them, such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Louis Armstrong, and John Coltrane, to see how they made their music.

On May 13th, 2006, we had our first show at the L.A.B. in Seattle, Washington. Our minds and fingers were flaming with confidence as they began to open to the lights and the sounds of the quaint room, whilst people pooled in from the parking lot outside. The first set seemed like an eternity, but before we knew it, we were on. An eruption of music poured from the stage as the people in the room knew: "This is rock and roll."

Ever since that day, we have been working non stop to produce a crisp yet memorable sound that is both original and reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll. We started at the beginning of our 7th and 8th grade years, with no singer to our name. The shows were few, and the covers were many, but we believed in ourselves, and that's all that mattered...until the day when we excitedly wrote our first original song: Caliente (which is a fan favorite). There was no SWAT team in the world that could silence our cheers as we grew from friends to family in a mere three minutes.

From that point on, we were a real band, so we did what all bands do: write songs, and look for shows. First we played small acts, like talent shows, birthday parties, and one block party. At the block party, we experimented with a good friend of ours, who wanted to be our singer. But after a less-than-amazing performance by this friend, who had suffered a severe case of stage fright, we walked away, singerless again.

It was at this point that the bassist Padraic Moran mentioned that his brother Malachy was interested in singing. An audition was held over the phone, and Malachy was deemed the new singer for Manic Highway. Coincidentally, we had just received a gig courtesy of Bigtime Entertainment at a local club called Studio Seven. It was our first show with an almost all-original set, plus our added bonus of a singer. We had a great response from the gig, and we were (and still are) offered gigs through Bigtime.

That winter (2006), we took a little break from playing shows to focus on writing songs and lyrics. During that time we recorded our demo at the Seattle Drum School in Seattle, Washington. That weekend of recording and working strengthened our love for the band and each other. Our first gig of 2007 was February 17th at the Kirkland Teen Union Building. The supporters, fans, and bystanders flocked to the event to see us play. We played an electrifying set, ending with a jam tacked on after our final song, War Pigs by Black Sabbath. The praises for us flooded in, and people were amazed by our musical talent.

Ever since that gig, we have been striving to write new material, and set ourselves apart from all of the other bands in our area. Most recently we have replaced our old singer Malachy with a new person, Alex Adams. He is a spectacular singer that will most definitely get us places. It is ourselves that set us apart from the crowd. It is due to our hard work and creativity that we are different from everyone else. We are here to bring true rock and roll to all of our peers, who need quality, refreshing music to listen to. We will forever have a tight bond. We will forever smash the mold that is used to create the current music scene. We will forever be Manic Highway.