Manic Lane

Manic Lane

 Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA

A wide mix of Folk,Rock,Pop,Country, Acoustic guitar based music with a powerful soulful voice to sweeten the sound.


Former Chicago native Manic Lane captivates audiences with his story telling through song. Using his real life experiences and long history of musical talents, this singer-songwriter delivers powerful music with clever lyrics, haunting acoustic guitar melodies, and strong, passionate vocals. Influenced by many greats as Eric Clapton, Ben E King, The Counting Crows, The Beatles, Paul Simon, and Johnny Cash, Manic Lane draws from many styles and injects them into his music resulting in a multi-genre sound.
When Manic Lane is not showcasing his original songs, he brings a vast library of music to the stage. From the sweet soulful tunes of the classics to rockin acoustic versions of today’s top hits, Manic Lane makes every foot in the room move to the music.
Manic Lane has performed on stage at venues throughout Chicago, and has toured nationally from coast to coast playing side-by-side with multiple, well known musicians. Usually performing as a solo artist, he has additionally performed with a full ensemble of local Chicago jazz musicians to back up his diverse sound.


The Day Before (Ryan Miller) 2007
- Butterfly - regular air play
- Beach Song - Regular air play

Judgment Day - 2012
- New Release -

Angst & Adoration - upcoming 2012