Mani Coolin'

Mani Coolin'

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Young progressive hip hop artist. Ambitious and Outgoing. Becoming one of the most exciting acts on the California scene. Definitely a kid worth looking out for.


If you have yet to hear buzz, let it be known that the Los Angeles native is up next. Only 18 years old starting music career when he was 16, this up comer is already one of the nicest independent emcee's out.

With a different sound then most rappers, Mani gives you real life situations and continues to always give you something different with every song. Working with artist such as Casey Veggies and other west coast artist and Co-Signs from Peas & Carrots INTL & big name websites such as, and plenty more Mani has been breaking out of the west coast scene and expanding over the U.S.

Coolin's debut mixtape "Something Perfect" was released March 12th 2011 which gained much exposure and quickly entered Mani in the "New West" scene. On the day of the release the title "Something Perfect" became a Trending Topic on twitter in Los Angeles. Within the first 24 hours the mixtape had over 5,000 downloads.

With all the buzz Mani created for his self he decided to release an E.P. entitled "Coolest Minds". Just as anyone would have predicted he out did his self and with in two days the mixtape had over 10,000 downloads. With that being said Mani Coolin' is one of the top emcee's to look out for in 2012


Day One

Written By: Mani Coolin'

[Verse 1]
Young Black kid growing up on these streets
its hard as hell when you tryna make ends meet
when momma trippin and b******* over the little sh**
and no cake in yo pocket not even a little bit
takin buses down crenshaw
210 to 35 then i get off
mid city where i grew up
matter of fact thats the same place that i blew up
im tryna make dollars and do this rap shit
so i can shine harder
im tryna be a baller
cus i couldnt see my self wit a 9 to 5
and i aint bout to struggle just so i can stay alive
i want the finer things
bad b***** in bathing suits covered indiamond rings
thats what the grin brings
so grind hard
grind hard to this Sh** pays off

[Chorus](Repeated 2x)

Since Day One
i knew that i could make it
even if they doubting me
i just view it as hatin
waiting on my big break but im still patient
distracted by my past but time i cant be wasting


Something Perfect 3/12/11 (Mixtape)

01. Welcome
02. Shaded Up
03. Get Ya Mind Right (Ft. Casey Veggies)
04. L.A. Trappin'
05. She Does
06. Cruisin (Ft. Julian[Rangers])
07. ReWired
08. 365 On The Westside
09. What A Life
10. Wildin'
11. Thank You
12. Fonies (Ft. Rocket Da Goon) *Bonus

Coolest Minds 8/26/11 (E.P.)

01. Erykah's Intro
02. Me Against Me
03. The Usual's (Ft. Rocket Da Goon & Niko G4)
04. Like My Last Name
05. Reasons (Ft. Niko G4
06. Her Love
07. 2:26 A.M.

For The Moments [TO BE RELEASED 3/12/12] (Free Album)

Tracklist TBA