Vallejo, California, USA

ManifestiV formed in Vallejo CA in dawn of 2014, featuring morticians ¶ Taylor on guitars & EvE on vibraphone. They harmonize over post-industrial beats utilizing more organic tones than the usual mechanical timbre found in heavy music played over synthesizers & loops. ManifestiV songs gain influence from Nine Inch Nails to Alice in Chains while delivered in styles ranging from Crystal Castles to Boards of Canada.


Post-industrial duo ManifestiV consist of ¶ Taylor's oversized baritone guitar versus EvE's self-made electronic vibraphone. Before forming the band in Vallejo CA just north of San Francisco in January 2014, the two had met in 2011 while attending mortuary school in Dallas. Studying to become an embalmer & medical examiner respectively, their chemistry exceeded enough to co-operate a funeral home together. With bodies built to perpetually tour the world for scores before opting to retire into the funeral business too early in life, ¶ & EvE reverted to combining their life-long passions of music & art with a concise goal in mind: manifest the purest experiences their art could facilitate while influencing others to function more honestly, healthfully & inspirationally.

This ManifestiV approach first took a momentum of its own when ¶ brought the bones of what would become debut Einer Sie Gern to EvE for inspiration to kickstart her next gallery, which eventually became the album's artwork. "After spending 15 years in bands in Texas, I wanted to make a different type of band to keep the universal relativity of these songs very close to my heart non-cliché & intriguing.  Little did I know for the years I'd already known her, EvE had mastered a closet instrument [the vibraphone] she'd never bust out at my previous bands' practices.  Made sense why, once she told me what it was," ¶ reminisces. Not having a vibraphone, EvE compressed her pre-mortuary engineering gumption from her US Naval work on F-18 jets to a simpler more connective purpose: building an electric version.  No microphones, resonators, dampeners or motors giving the instrument its distinct sound: only pickups that enable its sound to be as adaptable as a guitar's or synthesizer's.

Once fully constructed & dubbed "Silba" after the aluminum keys which survived a trailer crash on their previous marching band vibraphone, the ManifestiV show debuted at SXSW 2014 in Austin. Upon returning to California to hash out the record, the band graced the legendary Viper Room stage with Society 1 in Hollywood before focusing on the industrial scene of the San Francisco Bay Area.  After playing out all year in the midst of recording, Einer Sie Gern released on 12/13/14 live at Slim's in San Francisco & online worldwide.

With videos for "I Can't See You", "Rid of Me" and "Stranger" resulting from collaborations with Dallas-based indie film production house Little Spark Films, Einer Sie Gern narrates a story of heart-break from individual & group bonds resulting in greater inner-strength & protection.  After its release, ManifestiV begun 2015 with a couple months in Southeast Asia perusing Thailand & Cambodia while promoting the record's release by preparing to tour North America perpetually for the year's remainder.  While on their 2nd 2015 outing for its summer's Glacier Tour which redefined how life & tour can co-mingle by spending a week in each destination, the band collected concepts & direction for their debut's follow-up while spreading their message of the power of unity through their music & art. 

The duo devoted 2016 to beginning their second record back in Dallas before their Pacifica Tour took them to the Pacific Northwest through Yellowstone to their debut at Burning Man. After spending Election Day flying thru China to Thailand to mourn the loss of their King Rama IX while traveling the country & laying ground work for the final writing stages in hotels across the countryside, ManifestiV returned to the states with close to 50 songs ready to comb thru for album two. 2017 sees its completion before world OctouR 2018.



Written By: ManifestiV

Summo possit singulis sit et
at errem ridens commodo vis
cum ei quem iuvaret petentium.
Pro an nostrum inciderint,
no decore libris consetetur quo.
Mea dico adhuc regione an,
vel ut noluisse salutatus contentiones.

Doctus theophrastus signiferumque ea his.
Sit tantas vocent consetetur ei,
ex mea erat dolore consulatu,
in elitr convenire consequuntur sed.

Graece veritus oportere mea ex.
Ea voluptaria appellantur per,
at eam ullum perpetua sententiae,
id est discere moderatius.
Te epicuri luptatum mel.
No mazim senserit quo,
cu etiam nostro usu.


Written By: ManifestiV

Stranger, stay that way.
Strangely, I only wanted
dangerous & delicious
regrets to leave me haunted.

For the last time I need to forget you
ever moved a single part of me.
Just remember, burn up all our memories
and forget there ever was a we.

Danger, keep away.
We'll lose momentum out there.
Persist in being our best
unlike to one another.

Stranger, I care for ones not there.



Written By: ManifestiV

Snow falls, everything does, lost and center.

Snow's nowhere to be found in our winter.

Feel it all melt away, stop the heat.

No matter what choice we had in it, it isn't real.
No matter what faith we stored in it, it isn't worth it anymore.

Not sleeping, it isn't real.

Just dreaming, could it be real?

We end, everything does, part of growing.
Prosper, burn strong then fade, 
I've stopped glowing.



Written By: ManifestiV

Please believe these things that I conceive.
They're not for you, just for me. You do not concern me.
Please just leave the memories of we.
What might have been & never could have ever been complete.

All that I've told you, you already know.
And if you heard me, then why can't you go?
Why must you prod at what we only know?
Carry on for me, relentlessly so.
Please move on, and stay gone.

Please relieve yourself of all that grief.
You will be fine some other time, just feel out your defeat.
Please just see past all your disbelief.
Just close your eyes & fall upon those wings kept underneath.


Rid of Me

Written By: ManifestiV

Whatcha gonna do when I never say to you
what I'm gonna do even after all of you
knew I'd never stay? (You would never anyway.)
Wish I wasn't like Everything that I Grew to hate in you.

I don't wanna say I'll stick around for you.
I just want to keep you wanting me.
There was never need for me to say to you
anything like I'd get rid of me.

How's it gonna feel when you see me gone is real?
Could you really face quitting quite the chase, given time to heal?
We can always say it was you that went away.
Wish I didn't strike Everything that I Never did for you.


Me Again

Written By: ManifestiV

Dunno why we're stuck in this rut.
Maybe cause we feel our door is never shut.

Why do I see you in me again?
Because we're slipping backwards.
Why don't we pretend this is the end?
Because we're falling forwards.
Not quite sure just how'll be alone this time.

Dunno what you think you're doing
putting someone else in my shoes.
You think that will make me love you?
Now you've got another one to lose.

(Don't see what all this'll do for us this time.)
Maybe nothing. In fact, I'm sure that you mean
nothing to me again. This time's the end.

(Dunno what you think you're doing
putting someone else in my shoes.)

They don't belong, like I ever did.
Good luck chasing that one.
Dunno what I did this time to get
you not giving up on me again...

...When I gave up on you again,
so you shouldn't listen to me again.



Written By: ManifestiV

I am so happy to see what you have done without me.
Nothing to do with what made you beautiful way before
he came & trashed you all up. None of it seems to add up.
Maybe I'm not quite as I thought beautiful enough for

You to drag around, quarantined & bound.
He can have what I had, screams that make no sound.
Miss me all you want. You can have carte blanche
over him, good riddance to you having your shot.

Look at him get to do everything I used to.
He doesn't like every surprise happening because of...
You know what it's like to see all of this because of me?
Twisting insides, feel more alive, all because I needed

You to drag around, quarantined & bound.
He can have what I had, screams that make no sound.
Miss me all you want. You can have carte blanche
over him, good riddance to you having your shot.

[Screams that make no sound:]
Here is my tongue. Hope you have fun
knowing you've run out everyone.
I will die young, 'less you are done

Letting go & back again with me.
(Screams of thought that always haunt you)
Pick a side & let us both be free.
(Freedom from these dreams about you)
Cross the line too many times for
me to care & be scared I'll
never hear your screams of fear for me.


Can't Stop

Written By: ManifestiV

Draw me into you, leading me on through,
where you can have me. (Dreams must be lovely.)

Can't stop loving who I hate the most.
Can't stop wanting who I hurt so much.
Can't stop hating who you love the most.
Can't stop hurting who you want.

All is against you. Want me to test you?
Results have come in. We're both addicted.


I Can't See You

Written By: ManifestiV

I can't see you, you can't know me.
I will be you if there's no me.
This is what we end up doing
if I still see you inside me.

I can't see you, you can't know me.
I will be you when there's no me.
This is what we both are doing
when I still feel you inside me.

I can't see you, you can't know me.
I cannot see you beside me.

I can't see you and me side by side anymore.


Ice Age

Written By: Mariqueen Maandig,Trent Reznor,Atticus Ross

I find it looks the same, but everything has changed
I find remembering gets harder every day
Sometimes, I still believe who I pretend to be
Sometimes, the little thing's exactly how it seems...

I see the color of your eyes has turned to gray
I feel the wind is growing colder every day
Sometimes, I open up the walls and disappear
Sometimes, the crashing of the waves is all I hear

Ocean of woe, help me find a way
Ocean of woe, wash us all away

I know that everything we did will come around
I take the thought of you and burn it to the ground
Sometimes, I'm waiting for this ice age to arrive
Sometimes, I hate the me that's keeping me alive

Ocean of woe, help me find a way
Ocean of woe, wash us all away
Ocean of woe, help me find a way
Ocean of woe, carry us away



ManifestiV Einer Sie Gern (2014)
1 Pop
2 Stranger
3 Snow
4 Damage
5 Rid of Me
6 Me Again
7 Screams
8 Can't Stop
9 I Can't See You
0 Ice Age (bonus How to Destroy Angels cover)