Mani Khaira

Mani Khaira


Ever wondered what piano pop masters Elton John and Billy Joel would sound like if they were writing music as young men today? That might just be what Mani Khaira is doing with his music. Mani brings an emotional energy to his sound that always makes it personal.


Mani Khaira was born, raised, and classically trained in piano in Vancouver, Canada. Daily devotion and perseverance in his early teens led him to develop the polished sound of a professionally trained pianist and vocalist.

In April 2001, John Wozniak (singer/songwriter/producer of multi-platinum recording act Marcy Playground) signed on to produce Mani’s first full-length album. The album was recorded at Vancouver’s Mushroom Studios with a tribe of local hot musicians: guitarists Sean Ashby, Jerry Wong (Damn the Diva) and Johnny Savella (Kristy Thirsk), bassists Doug Elliott (The Odds), Bill Arab (Kristy Thirsk) and Tony Marriott (Jeff Buckley), drummer Jamie Kaufmann (Damn The Diva), and programmer/engineer Phil Western (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails).

The result was Mani's powerful debut album entitled "Arrived" – touted as a sneak peek into Mani's personal journals. He has a natural talent and ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. His vocal is real and honest and draws the listener in; his lyrics range from fun and energetic (‘Arrived,’ ‘Camera’), to haunting and emotive (‘Sleepy Angel,’ ‘Wide Eyed’), to provocative (‘Paint,’ ‘Mary’).

In 2002, Mani opened for Columbia recording artist John Mayer for his sold out shows in Western Canada. Mani spent 2003 promoting “Arrived” and performing alongside artists such as Marcy Playground, Kristy Thirsk (Juno Award winning Rose Chronicles, Delerium), Adrienne Pierce, and Lou Rumour (The Rumours). He was also involved in various studio recording projects such as the Urhahn project featuring Kim Urhahn (Lillix) at Vancouver’s Hipposonic Studios.

In 2004 Mani recorded a 7-track EP with Phil Western returning as Producer. The Ep was titled 'Constant Replay'.

Mani moves to Toronto in 2005 to work at Steve's music store.

In 2006, Mani met Yohann Francois, talented producer, musician extrodinare. Mani and Yohann spent a year recording a full length album. They both traveled to Paris, France to record the finishing touches on his upcoming release.


New Release album untitled (2008) LP
Myself & my Freedom- live sessions (2006) EP
Constant Replay (2004) EP
Arrived (2002) LP

Set List

Sets are usually 30 - 40 mins with a band, and 20 mins solo.