Manilla Green

Manilla Green


Manilla Green are a regular bunch of lads who love to make music and entertain. Their sounds are best described as indie/pop/rock. With their pretty little ballads, their Beatles-like pop and their dancey indie-rock, they'll have you tapping your foot while their stealin your lady hehe


Manilla Green have been gigging around Canberra and NSW for the past few years and have shared the stage with various prominant acts such as The Cops, the Spazzies and The Inches. They have recently begun playing more shows in the Sydney region with a strong following growing in Sydney and the Hunter Valley areas - see for yourself in the video on our myspace! Manilla Green recently recorded some demo's and things have started to heat up for them since, with interest growing in the band from within Australia and also in the USA, Europe and the UK. The demo recording of 'She Tried To Teach Me' has been added to Indie Sampler Vol.7 distributed by Skratch Magazine in California and even at the US Warped Tour. The boys can't wait to get into the studio in a few months to record with an ARIA award winning producer - they are hoping that recent sponsorship talks will help them to finance this recording project. The boys love a laugh and have a ball making and playing their music. They are very excited about the next six months.. it's all looking very promising!!


Manilla Green have thus far only made demo recordings - that is, they could only afford demo recordings! Manilla Green demo tracks have been played on radio stations up and down the east coast - as far as Brisbane. One track has been added to the Indie Sampler vol. 7 - as mentioned above. The boys can't wait to see how the upcoming professional recording turns out.

Set List

Prolific writers of late, Manilla Green have in excess of 30 original songs ready for action - not to mention the babies that are still being.. ermm.. born?! hmm.. that analogy sounded better in my head :-\ Manilla Green also play a few covers if the mood strikes them or the crowd