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"CMJ review of ICSUIHYB"

If Bikini Kill and Sonic Youth had procreated, the frantic infant might sound like this female-fronted, Brooklyn-bred noisy quintet. It's taken the band nearly five years to transform their sound into the edgy, indie-punk showcase on their debut full-length, I Can't Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing. The end result is a blend of punch guitar-pop lines and dissonant, wailing harmonies, all pitted against the raw, energetic vocals of singer Tina DaCosta. With each track almost exploding into the next ("Sleeping" to "Strander") and the occasional reprieve ("Crawl"), Man in Gray attempts to modernize the once-cherished, now wheezing art-punk vibe. RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, Mission of Burma, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - CMJ New Music Report (issue 1014, June 25, 2007)

"The L Magazine review of ICSUIHYB"

Don't let the title fool you; though at times its lyrics wax poetic, this is not an emo record. Rather, it borrows from many (non-emo) genres that maybe shouldn't work together but do. From the rapidly swirling psych riffs of "If You Ride It to the End, You'll Get What You Came For', the Pixies-esque guitar line of 'Sleeping', and the blues-rock chorus of 'Stranded', this album incorporates everything you like about rock and roll into a seamless, danceable whole. The best songs feature an unlikely marriage of driving shoegaze beats with stretches of rapid fire noise that remind us there's a connection between punk and post-punk. Singer Tina DaCosta's vocals, authoritatively punchy like Corin Tucker (but more smoky than shrill), are sometimes sweet and sometimes screamed in her distinctive, raspy voice, as she yells prescient lyrics. Though the music gets a tad dramatic at times, one must remember that at heart, Man in Gray is a party band, albeit one for thinking people. - Jamie Peck - The L Magazine (June 20, 2007)


There's a cacophony folded neatly into each of Man in Gray's edgy punk songs, particularly the adept anti-war screed "Incommunicado." The female-fronted Brooklyn five-piece evokes Sleater-Kinney, Karen O, and a slew of new wavers, but stands firmly on its own 10 feet. - Rosen, The Village Voice

"No Day/No Night review"

Brooklyn bands keep rising! And Man In Gray has been pounding the pavement with great responses. Their punk anthems give rise and salute to old favorites such as Sonic Youth, The Pixies, The Avengers, and The Clash, with drawing modern comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleater Kinney. This is their debut 6 song EP and a small treasure to behold. My favorite track is "Brakelights" simply cause it's totally different than the rest of the songs and reminds me of early 90's legends Unrest, Velocity Girl, and Juliana Hatfield. - Lio Cereza,

"post-punk forward-motion blur"

Tina DaCosta's tart and commanding vocals-- comparable to ladies fronting That Dog, Letters to Cleo, Sonic Youth, Romeo Void, Pylon, or the Avengers, depending on her tempo, though her stage presence might be closer to Karen O's-- give these (mostly) Brooklynites a rare everyday believability. Four boys behind her do an intricate post-punk forward-motion-with-spaces blur. "Incommunicado" 's anti-war march builds from Joy Division to "London Calling" and easily ranks among 2003's very best local tracks; "Neighbors" Roils like the Embarassment. Extrememly promising - Chuck Eddy, The Village Voice

"We got the knack"

Great punky influences and a knack for conveying emotions through wired guitars. - Time Out NY

"No Day/No Night review"

From the flailing Thurston-isms of "Incommunicado" to the Kim Deal-worthy "Brakelights," these young Brooklynites harness a melodic urgency far more then the sum of their influences. - Nick Barat,

"yay teen angst!"

Man in Gray creates loud music that we love to scream and sing to when it's on our iPod. This gets us strange looks on the subway, but it's totally worth it. Somehow it simultaneously speaks to our teen angst ridden soul and our present day state of mind. From political punk and think rock to schizophrenic ballads, the band has an original sound with some traces of Sleater-Kinney, The Thermals and maybe even The Breeders mixed in. The co-ed Man in Gray is part hard-edged punk, part melodic hard rock and they're always leaving us shaking our heads and moving our feet.
- Jen Carlson,

"something about nyc we guess..."

Fans of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Sebadoh Why do bands always pack up from their hometowns and move to New York City to find success? Could it be because the locals are so damn good that they give off an impression of the ultra rock utopia?! Brooklyn's own Man In Gray has a message for all you New York City encroachers: stay away, this is their town! This female fronted rock/punk outfit is truly the voice of the underground scene. Be it the NYC or Chicago scene, MIG illustrate a glimpse into the alternative to the mainstream. A tight yet gritty guitar line laid over a steady drum and bass beat, while howling raspy lyrics about everyday life are shouted, this should replace fIREHOSE as your new working class anthem album. Now Mr. Watt, relax, it is no longer the 1980's, so give Man In Gray their due. All you fans of finding something good that you won't hear playing in a minivan commercial, do yourselves a favor, go check out Man In Gray. I can guarantee you will instantly become a fan. - Counter Culture Store

"you sure you don't mean Jem?"

Man in Gray [is] a Brooklyn band that spans the space between rock and pop with grace. Tina Gray, the singer, is the gem of Man in Gray, bringing all the elements together. - NY Press


No Day/No Night EP
"Incommunicado" has been featured in rotation on Village Voice Radio and on multiple podcasts

Split 7" EP (w/ Unsacred Hearts)

March 2006 tour ep
Limited edition cd-r release with the single version of "Thirty-six" (from the Split 7") and three alternate versions of new tracks from the upcoming full length.

I Can't Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing
Debut full length on Serious Business Records. Release date June 19th, 2007. "Last Night's Party" was listed on NY Post's top songs to download in 2007 list. "Sleeping " and "Stranded" have appeared in podcasts ( including the popular Indiefeed Podcast) and received heavy college radio play.



Man In Gray plays noisy, whip-smart indie rock with one pretty guitar, one ferocious guitar, one punk bass, and one jackhammer drummer. Screams and whispers from Tina rise above the mayhem like a lightning rod, drawing it all together. With songs about shock, awe, and why February 14th is dumb, Man in Gray turns familiar post-punk sources into something entirely new. Even as they play heart-racingly hard and fast, they never sacrifice precision or the pretty parts. Their live show is a wake-up call for the bored, the jaded, the tired, the arms-folded mopers. It’s an enthusiastic soundtrack to mayhem, careening from sharp pop harmonies to violent, sweaty rock. A little dancey, a little thrashy, always classy.

Man in Gray enjoys: the Pixies, Mission of Burma, Sleater-Kinney, the Secret Machines, the Thermals, Brooklyn, long walks on the beach, going to their friends’ gigs, and reading books about the inadequacies of the Whig Party prior to The Civil War. Their favorite drink is more scotch.

Some venues played include the Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, Southpaw, Northsix, Rothko, Asterisk Art Space, and the Delancey in NY and the Metro in Chicago - as well as more than a few diy spaces and house parties - often for art events or benefit shows. The band played in the CMJ Marathon in NYC in 2005, 2006, and 2007 (with the '06 and '07 shows being sold out) and went on their first tour (two weeks - 11 shows in 13 days counting a house party in Austin) through the south and midwest in March '06. In late 2006 MiG bought a new van and has since been racking up the mileage with regional shows as well as trips to the Midwest Music Summit (Idianapolis, IN), the South Park Music Fest (Fairplay, CO), and North By Northeast (Toronto, ON).
Man in Gray has shared the stage with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, ESG, Pela, Takka Takka, Morningwood, the Everyothers, the iOs, Professor Murder, Forget Cassettes, the Bats, A Place To Bury Strangers, the Upwelling, La Rocca, Hail Social, Troubled Hubble, and Oxford Collapse, among many more.

Man In Gray performed the song "Sleeping" on the nationally syndicated show Fearless Music Television (FOX) on December 22nd, 2007. The band has also made appearances on BreakthruRadio (a live in-studio set of music) and (video interviews).

The New York Post selected "Last Night's Party" as one of 2007's top songs to download.

Recent press clips from show previews in January '08 -

NY Magazine : "[Man In Gray is] A cacophonous co-ed post-punk band from Brooklyn."

The L Magazine: "Man In Gray's post-punk is pretty impressive - as reminiscent of crackly old Velvets records as it is of noisy, Sonic Youth-type stuff and gritty, Stooges-style punk."

Time Out NY: "Man in Gray is a gritty, dancey local rock quintet driven by vocalist Tina DaCosta’s impressively forceful and melodic delivery. The quintet has honed quite the rollicking live show over the past few years and it’s managed to capture that energy on I Can’t Sleep Unless I Hear You Breathing, a new full-length."