London, England, GBR
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A mix of rap grime and rock with a retro swagger. Try find that on Itunes


This is London born, London raised hip-hop.

Maniry’s early sound was influenced by late 80’s, early 90’s Hip Hop combined with today’s alternative rock. With time his music has swayed to the side of Hip Hop, it has influences from alternative U.K. born genres.

Maniry’s artform is a lighter and more positive outlook on the U.K. Hip Hop scene. However, his writing does occasionally venture out into the darker side, representing the light and dark in all of us.

One thing that sets an artist like Maniry apart as one of the elite is the ability to pick the right track to express words and imagery.

The debut E.P. has singles such as “Teenage Memoirs” written in reminiscence of Maniry’s teenage years and how good those years were. The visual to the song is funny, colourful and upbeat. The E.P. is produced by VersaBeatz, it features collaborations with other up and coming U.K. rap artists.


Forthcoming EP - The Light and Dark -

Forthcoming Mixtape - Strawberry Ribena and Air Max Ones

Set List

Teenage Memoirs part 1
Teenage Memoirs part 2
Paranormal Activity