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We've handpicked a selection of short films from Australia and around the globe. This showcase of local and interational filmmaking gems will broaden your world. All films under 10 mins. See the programmes below.



Gristle (Australia)

Two gentlemen discuss their dislike for a certain type of meat pie in this quirky opener. Directed by Jonathan auf der Heide.
Bob (Australia)

A man lost at sea faces the indescribable agony of deciding to pop or not to pop. Directed by Anika Ervin-Ward.
Broken Spell (Australia)

A catastrophic climate change threatens to destroy a young couple’s love. Directed by Magda Matwiejew.
Wally (Australia)

An adorable whodunit involving a little girl, her dog and a rather large chocolate cake. Directed by Tonnette Stanford.
Hour of Prayer (Australia)

One day, when her father is out, Maha takes Jafar up to her family’s apartment but when her father returns home early, Jafar has no way to make a quick quiet getaway and is forced to hide… but for how long? Directed by Goran Stolevski.
G...Is for Gopher Service (Australia)

The story of Rhys - a 15 year old boy with autism - and his instructor, Clive, who take a unique approach to learning and coping. Directed by Scott Baskett.
Jabri JMC-Manishboyz – I Stay Shining (USA)

This hip-hopping number shot in LA features a trio of tweens and - as it arrived with no information as to which section it was being entered into – will be screened in both Young Guns and 10 Minute Wonders! Directed by Manishboyz
Peppermint Superfrog (Australia)

A delightful animation in which a politician launches a pre-emptive strike against a neighbouring ant colony. Its message is simple: If war is ultimately pointless, then this one doubly so. Directed by Sarah Phillips.


Entropy Evolution (Australia)

Witness the constantly evolving nature of life through this beautifully hand drawn animation that evolves before your very eyes. Directed by Eliades Patsch
Beyond the Fridge (Australia)

An office is plunged into crisis when one worker stops buying milk. The fridge mould is outraged, and decides to do something about it. Directed by Sally Bothroyd.
I woke up in a Strange Place (Australia)

It's hard being the outsider, especially when you wake up in a strange place where everyone seems to have a place except for you. Directed by Zoe Billing
Cat and Horse (UK)

A story of a lost soul looking for belonging set against the vibrant backdrop of London. Directed by Patrick Kerrigan
The Wire Walker (Australia)

Discover what it's like to live life on the wire and gain an insight into the mindset it takes to make one of the worlds oldest circus traditions your bread and butter. Directed by Matt Hopper
Valmay the Visitor (Australia)

Two foreigners find a moment of warmth at their chance meeting in an alien environment. Directed by Susan Earl.
Behind the Screens (Australia)

Borat style comedy in which filmmaker Slapshus Kolanov talks about passion for his genre, and his latest work, "I left my goat in Vladivostok". Directed by Jay Martin.
The Apprentice (Australia)

Being an apprentice is a rite of passage, an opportunity for those more experienced to 'have a go' at the new kid on the block who always finds it tough - no matter what the industry. Directed by Richard Greenhalgh
A Colourful Cultural Celebration (Australia)

Experience an arranged Indian wedding filled with bright colour, ancient rituals, mouth-watering food and wonderful tradition through the eyes of the bride’s close friend who comes from a very different culture. Directed by Shazia Fiaz.
The Great Oz Love Yarn (Australia)

A neon animation about the greatest Oz love story never told. Directed by Jack Feldstein.
Crateman (Australia)

A mysterious object appears overnight: The Crateman. Directed by Adam Phillips

This top selection of wonderful shorts is made by filmmakers 17 years of age and under proving that talent exists at any age. All films are under 10 minutes - see the website for the full list.
See the programmes below.



The Magic Balloon (Australia)

Four kids and a dog, cruise down to a local Darwin beach to build a castle when they happen upon a lucky find: Digging in the sand they unearth a magic treasure chest. Inside is an old balloon, released on a flight of freedom! It seems magic really does happen! Directed by Tom Miles
Spin (Australia)

A stick figure with crazy hair dances up a storm against a vibrant yellow backdrop. Directed by Mitchell Gandolfo
Remembrance (Australia)

A tale of generational bullying which demonstrates that your actions when you are young can come back to haunt you. Directed by Martin Janssen
Jordan's Little Guy (Australia)

A little cloud grows bigger by the day. Directed by Jordan Tzoulas.
Bright Light (Australia)

A boy awakes to find himself in limbo between life and death. Will he go towards the light… or will he not? Directed by Cassidy McDonald
T3H PWNED LIFE (Australia)

Three video game fanatics discuss their individual takes on the game. Fiction and reality become blurred as the players adopt their animated personas. They decide to meet one day in person, to discuss game strategies. Directed by George Prokopis
Jabri JMC (USA)

This hip-hopping number shot in LA features a trio of tweens and - as it arrived with no information as to which section it was being entered into – will be screened in both Young Guns and 10 Minute Wonders! Directed by Manishboy


Merci (Australia)

Merci is about a little girl who is all alone in a harsh, brutal world. She uses her imagination to create an imaginary world around her where she, along with the help of an imagined performing mime, help the lives of other occupants of the imaginary world. Directed by Tom Hughes
Plotting (Australia)

Two clouds plot to steal a fellow cloud’s glasses. They demand he hands them over, and they proceed to take over the world. Directed by Ryan Walker & Dante D'Angelo
Endless Crossroads (Australia)

Endless Crossroads is a mystery about a boy who finds a wallet on the road that contains a message which makes him walk forever... Directed by Dexy Woodhead and Sam Lalli.
Robot Cop (Australia)

A futuristic clay model animation that depicts a cop and his monster-like co-worker prepare to send a package by courier. Directed by Rodney Rees
Ambition (Australia)

The trials and tribulations of a high school student and his end of year media project. A documentary with an unrealistic touch. Directed by Chris Hernandez
Jet De Merveille (Australia)

A television advertisement created for a French product (jet de Merveille) as part of a project in French class. Directed by Nicholas Rickard, Grace Mountford and India Shearer-Boyd.
Sub-urban Ninja (Australia)

James Wand is a school student and a ninja who is nagged by his mother and annoyed by his sister. At school he is disliked by his teacher, and is challenged to fight by karate king William Hun. There is a showdown between the two, with only one winner. Directed by Kerry Glennon

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"So Wild"
"Everybody Dance"
"Let The Beat Rock"



Manishboyz is Malik 12 and Pharaoh 13.

ManishBoyz is involved in every aspect of producing their music. Pharaoh, age 13, works with Reasons 4.0, where he performs most of his trak production. 12 year old Malik composes lyrics, and has done so for a couple years. His favorite music software program is FruityLoops and Reasons 4.0. With a vivid imagination, creative energy, and a love for drawing, Malik cites his favorite artists as Kanye West, James Brown, Ludacris and Bow Wow. "I first wanted to make my own beats and record my own lyrics after watching other producers, work in studios in Memphis,” says Pharaoh. “My early learning came while hanging out with my father, Quake, in Montana’s studio watching him create beats for Bone Crusher and Memphis rappers 8 Ball and M.J.G. My father later bought some music software for my computer and I started making my own beats. After that, I went out to L.A. to my father and his partner's recording studio Voices. While there, Puba Don and Akil from Jurassic 5 showed me how to work ProTools. In L.A. I met the crew from the Los Angeles Skill District.” When asked about his name, Pharaoh remarks, “I was born with it. My father loves jazz and I was named after Pharaoh Saunders, John Coltrane’s last horn player, I'm a producer that worked & still works with many new & established artists. I write, co-write, produce & mix. Ask for Manishboyz at: (323) 282-1027 or email us at

For examples on the tracks I produced go to:”

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