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Band Alternative New Age


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Intelligent, Simple and Unique"

Invisible Sun is my favorite tune on Gallus. Sounds like David Gilmore and Alex Lifeson had some influence in this song. Dirt Road is just so different compared to the rest of his songs and he goes from heavy metal to Michael Hedges. That is Talent! I was floored with the opener Not My Religion because it has such a metal sound which I like a lot. In the Room the last track can very well be a movie track. I listen to this one when I am driving the coast line. Out of all these great songs I think OSR is radio friendly and will most likely outshine his other great efforts on Gallus. Yes, 5 Stars. - David Orbach

"Eclectic, unique and original"

My favorite composition is Dirt Road off of Gallus. I saw him play downtown Honolulu, Hawaii (rRed Elephant) and was just amazed at his style and unique ability to re-create his UNIQUE music live. Real track #2 from Savant was also a great song that captured my heart. Solo track #4 was a mystic song as well that just blew me away. 5 stars for this unique and talented artist. - Jason Preston


His skill, personality and humor with the guitar speaks for it self. Buy it! - Amanda


Dirt Road is an amazing song in open tuning I’m sure, then Not My Religion is hard rock. This artist has it all in the diversity department. Yes, Battle is so cool with the Weezer riff in the first break. OSR to me is my favorite song especially with the history behind it. Unknown reminds me of David Gilmour and the titled song Gallus is totally rockin with a blend of metal and space guitar! I wonder what goes on in his head when he writes songs like Dirty Robbers? It is just way out there yet written very well. Yes, 5 stars all the way. - Allen Wright

"Intelligent, Rockin and Inspiring"

From the the first track Not My Religion to deeper tracks like Summer's Guitar, Mani takes you full circle with his unique and inspirational music. The 5th track OSR is a mix of country licks that entangles his rush-like influences. On the intellectual side of this CD, Track #3 Battle has a simple lick from Weezer's hashpipe imbedded in the song which I find to be AWESOME! This CD is a great departure from his 1st CD Savant. Gallus to me is intellectual rock, hard rock from the past with a current vibe of the guitar scene. But this being said, track #10 Dirt Road proves that Mani Sierra is a true and unique guitarist. A diamond in the rough that will soon shine or may never shine. His music speaks for it self. 5 Stars = Awesome. - Michelle Johnson


2006 Gallus


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mani Sierra, whose spacious, aerial, nimble and illuminating guitar music, is recognized in San Antonio, Texas as a frequent acoustic performer at area venues and Borders stores as well as the guitarist leader of a full electric band. Mani, who is influenced by many of the great progressive guitarist of the past decades, can still recall the days at Windsor Music when he personally met some of the key influencers on his guitar playing, for example guitar virtuoso Steve Morse. Mani Sierra has toured extensively throughout the United States performing in a diverse collection of venues, including Barnes & Noble, colleges and universities, smoke filled bars, religious festivals, coffee shops, live art shows and of course his appearance at Captain Tony's in Key West, Florida. His music communicates the feel of the open sky of Texas and preserves the state’s historical tradition as the proving ground for skillful guitarists. Loud Dust Recordings has released SAVANT and GALLUS. For more information on MANI SIERRA visit and