Man-made Noise

Man-made Noise


This is music that bubbles with pop, funk, shuffling acoustica and beats. Inspired from its roots in Hull, North east England, it is lyrically gritty, mystical and thought provoking. Beck meets Badly Drawn Boy at the Elbow of Radiohead.


Man-made Noise began as a pot of studio ideas from Yorkshire-based musician Terry Dunn.

The debut album is almost solely his own work and is a mix of styles that range from dark sequenced narratives, twisted melodic ballads and shoegaze/funk crossover.
The influences are vast and diverse, and the music has been likened to material by artists such as Elbow, Radiohead and Elliott Smith. It was released in Oct 08 to glowing reviews.

Terry has been extensively touring solo in Japan during 2009 using a combination of loops, effects and beat box to an awesome reaction.

On returning to the UK in June, Terry gathered together some friends from the local Hull scene to form a band, and they have since played shows in Liverpool, Manchester and on the radio show BBC 'Introducing Raw Talent'.

With a second album penned and awaiting the studio, Man-made noise is making people sit up and take notice.
Terry has been recently been commissioned to compose music for an album dedicated to the poems of Hull's Phillip Larkin.

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Written By: Man-made Noise

Little knife, little cup,
little trolley cleaning up,
little bread roll, little piece of butter,
little milk carton, little tray of clutter,
little window, little clouds,
little lives in strangers hands


Album released Oct 2008 -
Man-made Noise

Single released Sep 2009 -
Photocopy Machine

Tracks have received International and UK Radio airplay.
Available to buy from I-tunes and Amazon, Reverbnation and Napster

Set List

Typical set ranges from 30 to 50 minutes with songs from the following list ...

Little Song
Photocopy Machine
What Voice
Stay Calm
One Gallon Drum
A Drawer
Einstein Wannabe
Upstairs, Downstairs
The sum of the Parts