Man Made Pond

Man Made Pond


honest, peaceful rock. We are just making music that we ourselves enjoy listening to and want to share with others.


it's fresh as a Fall morning, it's putting your pants on one leg at a time, it's stepping outside ready to embrace the world and just feeling right....natural I guess. With love put into every part, we are not trying to rock your socks off(although it could happen), we just want to share something good and hope you take something new home with you. Our sound is like a man made pond, a sound that we think should occur naturally but was created by man.
One influence that we can all agree on are The Beatles and really any honest music from that era. A few of our modern influences are: Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Cake, Rilo Kiley, My Morning Jacket.


EP - Swimming in Shoes

Set List

I'll Let You
Too Late Again
Little Things
In the Park
Happy Day
Hope You'll See Me
Let's Talk About Love
When I Get Back
You Sweet
Some Kind of Dream
Everything is Lost
A Stray
Never Gonna Know
The Lonely Road
Julie Joe

this is about an hour's worth of music, but we are always dabbling in something new