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The streets brought these artist up. Then God raised thim up to a New Place. Therefore, that experience is giving back now texture realness and Art.


There are many soilders using this avenue to deliver Gods word. Manna has also taken a great deal of time to bring the gospel to the minds of the street. Then also having a portion of creditability to cater to those already within the fold. Then, still open to venture out artistically. Manna are artist. Blessed by God to create. But allways a minister first!


Singles & Maxi-Single

1st single "Allstar" 2000

1st Maxi single 2002 (10 songs)
Underground Album
MANNA its ah war 2003 (Santi-fly Family)

1480 Am Mon 7-9 Gospel Hour
The Sts is Crazy

Set List

Mannas hype instilling vibrancy. Is a spiritfilled performance, a blend of Gospel testamony, Scripture filled music of Holy Hip-Hop.Ideal ministry and entertainment for 1/2 hour to 1 full hour sets indoor or outdoor availabilty. Prescribed sets for church enviorments and eents and also street exposure events. Our rates are negotiable according to venue, occasion and budget.

Original Songs:
We Rep Jesus
Stand up
If u come ta praise em
everlastin life