Mannequin Depressives

Mannequin Depressives


Mannequin Depressives is a Post-New Wave / Synthpop band influenced by various "underground" electronic genres from the '80s & '90s... incorporating old-school synthesizers with vocals, ocassional guitar, and beats you can dance to. Influences include New Order, early OMD, & Junior Boys.


Seeing an imperative to continue where new wave and post-punk left off, founder Rod C. Dornian joined forces with Nebulous in '98, and laid out the framework for what would later become Mannequin Depressives.

By 1999, Russ Magee and Scott "Smoth" Johns joined the Mannequin line-up, simultaneously setting in motion the process of completing their debut album, as well as developing strategies for live performance.

2002's debut album "Trash-Eighty" set to the task of breathing new life into what was left of the new wave movement. Elements of post-punk, synthpop, and industrial combined together to create an album rooted in the 80s, within the context of the 90s and 2000s.

A series of live shows with groups such as The Birthday Massacre, Icon Of Coil, and Left Spine Down kept the cross-genre exposure pervasive, while the sole cover song of Kraftwerk's "The Model" paid homage to one of MD's most notable influences.

With each release, the sound of Mannequin Depressives has matured and evolved to incorporate a wider variety of musical influences, but they've never forgotten their roots. The spirit of those pioneering days gone by can still be heard in their music as they continue to remind us just how cool synthesizers can be.


Will To Deceive

Written By: Mannequin Depressives

Verse 1:

What do you want?
What did you say?

Are you out of your mind?
Who got in the way?

I've always been true.
And I don't know who

Stepped in the way
And led you astray.

Verse 2:

I couldn't believe.
The things that I heard.

No, I couldn't perceive
That you'd throw me a curve

You don't know the truth
always falling for lies

It's the wickedest game
and it's time to get wise

Verse 3:

It's just a matter of time.
Oh yeah, before I find

The heart of the truth
Girl, you think I am blind

But I've got tricks up my sleeve
Stuff you wouldn't believe

Cuz I've had it with you
And your will to deceive

Yeah, I've had it with you
And your will to deceive


Can't you see
Girl -- What you mean to me.

Why be blind
and turn around
... won't speak to me


It never worked out
Why wouldn't it?

I tried so hard
Now I know
It's ... over


Trash-Eighty (2002 - Album)
Sweet Disease (2006 - Single)
Girls Are Evil (2008 - Album)
Recycle (2009 - EP)
99-09 (2009 - Free compilation)
Incorrect Mechanical Alignment (2010 - EP)

Set List

Will to Deceive
Victim Of Circumstance
I Don't Get You
Sweet Disease
Zero Tolerance
Erase It
No Fun

These are all original songs. Our typical set is roughly 45 minutes, but we can play longer or shorter sets if needed.