Mannequin Makeout

Mannequin Makeout


The coed outfit injects urgency into rigid dance punk, discarding slick beats and airtight production for a rabid sound that scrapes grease off the garage floor and favors clunky Casios over hi tech precision. Cast in plastic as its name implies, the crew knows how to incite a crowd to locomotion.


Since their inception in May of 2004, Mannequin Makeout has exploded on to the Denver music scene. With quite a sufficient buzz growing around their live shows, they have attracted a large and sexy fan base. Ranked 24 out of over 200 bands by the Denver Post in just two years of existence, Mannequin Makeout has already played to crowds of over 500. Live shows are erratic, exciting, and very interactive. They have shared the stage with national touring acts such as Of Montreal, Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater, Devotchka, Numbers, Man Man, Minus the Bear, Mommy and Daddy, Shychild, the Advantage, Kid606, and Supersystem (formerly El Guapo), among many others, and are now ready to smash into the national scene.

In November of 2005, Mannequin Makeout began giving back to Denver musicians when frontwoman Brittany Gould and Nick Houde, of Transistor Radio Sound, launched Still Soft Recordings. Still Soft Recordings is a D.I.Y., home-based record label focused on hand making releases and promoting creativity among peers and was awarded "Denver's Best D.I.Y. Label" by Westword, Denver's premiere independent news magazine, in 2006, and was recently featured in the Winter 2006 issue of Skyscraper magazine.


2007 "Untitled" EP, Still Soft Recordings

2006 "Russian Soiree," Still Soft Recordings Compilation 2: Denver, Still Soft Recordings 009

2006 "Do the Splits!" 7" Record, Not Bad Records, Split with Stab!Heart!Kiss!Kill!

2006 "Ex Libris" Tour EP, Still Soft Recordings

2006 "When it Rains, I Nail a Kitten to Your Door," Adventure Records Cuvee 3
*alongside artists Devotchka, Hot IQs, the Swayback, Matson Jones, monofog*
*Awarded Denver's Best Rock Compilation by Westword in 2006*

2005 "Storm the Castle," Still Soft Records Compilation, Still Soft Records 001,
*Recognized as a "Moover and Shaker" by Westword in December 2005*

Upcoming Releases:
Spring 2007 - new EP in the works!!

*Songs can be heard streaming on,, regularly on Radio 1190 Boulder/Denver, KBFR Boulder (R.I.P.) and KCSU Ft. Collins.

Set List

Set is all original material and can last up to 45 min.

Birthday Party
Storm the Castle
Marianne Apts.
Russian Soiree
Psychadelic Dance Jam
Hamburglar Goes to the Fucking Zoo
When It Rains, I Nail a Kitten to Your Door
I Heart Hart Lipton

Additional songs may include:
Pull, Dance Mania, Marilyn Monrobot