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Hip hop is back to the way it used to be with Manners. The music stays clean for everyone to enjoy with no cursing and great stories. Manners is what the industry needs to show that rap music doesnt have to be negative. You may never know until you hear Manners...


Brandon Roman-Cruz (aka Manners) was born on October 4th, 1984. When he moved in 6th grade to a small town in Pennsylvania, he discovered hip hop in depth for the very first time. From Bad Boy's reign to "The Carnival" from Wyclef, Manners saw hip hop as something fun, something to make people have a good time. His senior year he released his first album completely recorded at his home. Since then his flow has progressed along with his career by joining Flatline Productions, an up and coming production company. Now he has released his 4th album entitled "The Gentleman," which is getting radio play with great response. More projects are being worked on including new mixtapes and a new album slated for early next year.


Me Against Me

Written By: Brandon Roman-Cruz (aka Manners)

Minds playing those tricks again
Its a reaccuring thing, its startin a trend
Cause I cant stop, paranoid and all
My heart can feel a void and fall
What can I do to slow down the pain
Something needs to keep me sain
Its me against me
I win I lose
I quit I chose
Inside Im feelin all confused

Verse 1
Holding my head down
Thinking what Im gettin in
2 Girls, nah, playa days are over with
I dont pop cris
I just want bliss
But the whole world got me wondering about this
What am I supposed to wear
How to style my hair
Do people even care
What job I need
Do we live with greed
Next door
Big Biz to moppin floors
What's number 1 on the charts
Why cant people finish up what they start
Why I procrastinate
Why I hate
Why I love
Why I hug
Why I bug
I dunno its way I am
Never thought about my ways, Never really had a plan for life
Operating on my mind, yeah Im under the knife
Why do I feel so much strife
I dont understand


Verse 2
The noose is a little tight
So lighten up
Why cut your wrists, why say thats it
Its not done
I know when you look in the sky
Instead of the lord, you see a billboard
Puttin in stores
Theres Cash galore
From the weed to fulfill the needs
To the babyfood feedin the seeds
Cryin so much my eyes bleed
They hooked me up to the I V
Struggling, twistin, tying me down
11 o clock news, now its all over town
I lost it
And why,
I ran up in my room to see my girl's lies
Wasnt supposed to come home tonight
It was a surprise
Lost my girl
Lost my job
Lost my head
Couldve gave up but instead
I moved on
Got my groove on
Now Sing along


Verse 3
Wait a minute
After the wars
After the closin of stores
After I get off tour
We must soar
To a better land, but we're not there yet
What happen to the world, this thing we cant forget
But we cant regret
What we did in the past, its in the mirror now
We cant go back so smile stay proud
Stand up say it loud
I got the answers
Janitors, students,scientists, dancers
Late night romancers
Pride will surpass
Wait a little longer, sadness wont last
Friends Im sorry for those who passed
But theyre watching wont let you cast
A dark shadow on your head
When your laying in bed
Be thankful for the day and for whats ahead cmon

Chorus (2X)

Yall didnt know I was good on the beats
Live your life 100%
Cause you only got one...


March 2005- The Gentleman
Singles (so far): Left to Right (radio play in New Jersey and Texas)

June 2004- Chapter 3: Day and Night
Singles: Flow, In Your Hands, I Can Make It

December 2003- Chapter 2: The Soul
Singles: Another Little Ditty and When I Have One

January 2003- Chapter 1: The Life
Singles: They Dont Like and Spanish Eyes

Set List

My set list consists of mostly newer songs from my new album The Gentleman along with unreleased tracks. I also go back and perform songs from my three previous albums. I adjust to any time limit, from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Mostly an upbeat set but I do have slower songs. Everything is ORIGINAL!