our music is a new sound in metal. It is pleasing to the younger crowd. We put on a show each and every time we perform. We grown a good following. Everyone that has heard our music has been satisified. We have been asked for copies of our music once they have heard it. We rock hard everytime


Our music has been described as unique. I started other bands that didn't work out because
they didn't fit what I wanted. I helped my cuz
start out on drums and between him and I we
arrived at the sound that I wanted. At the time
he did not know how to play drums. He taught
himself with my help and things just to click. I
then met two other friends of mine from school
and asked them to try out. That turned out to
be the magic ingredient that was needed. I have
been influenced by Pantera, Slip Knot, Lamb Of
God, and other greats. What sets us apart from
other bands is our stage presence and our dress
and makeup. We love to rock and get the crowd
going, because without them we have nothing.

So our music isn't the only ingredient but also
the way we come across to them. We love to
rock and rock is what we live for.

Set List

1: A.M.E.
2: WTF
We have a three song demo.
We can play for a longer period if needed. We
can put on a show for about one and one half
hours. I have all original music.