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The best kept secret in music


"Thank You For The Inspiration"

This was a letter written to us by one of our fans (The Sure Fire):

"I believe a bands ability to withstand longevity is not determined by the length of their stage time. It’s in those few notes that are left to repeat themselves in the minds of their fans even as the stage is broken down and the bright lights fade to black. There has always been something special in the local music scene. It has made beautiful music accessible to a new generation, giving hope to the hesitant and giving strength to the frail. It is neither shock nor surprise as to why The Sure Fire is cherished and held in the highest regards. Anyone can start a band.

Anyone can find shows to play and just about anyone can conjure a following. But to truly reach a group of people as you have, and of such volume, is a rarity. You receive comments from fans online, and I’m sure you’re approached by them at every show. Yet, even through the thousands of people you’ve met and performed for, there are still people who will never have the opportunity to meet you in person, see you perform, and express the impact you’ve had on their life. It is your music that carries a legacy.

It is because of bands like The Sure Fire that I am going into the music industry; it is because of the music you create that I am not afraid to risk it all. In an industry such as this, chances for a successful career run scarce and uncertain. Financial stability seems improbable and I don’t get much support for living my dream. There are some days when I have to reevaluate my life, deciding where I’m going and questioning my ambitions. But then I recall bands like yours, and I remember. I remember why I decided that I was going to provide the world with the same institution I found solace in- a local music scene. I remember why I’ve dedicated my college years towards having my own record label one day and having a venue where fans like yours can see and hear the music of tomorrow.

And I remember why, when everyone lost themselves in something worthless, I held on to music for dear life. Each of you has been given a special talent. Not only are you incredible musicians, but you appear to be incredible people as well. Not knowing you personally, I can only vouch for what I see and feel. And I see the connection you create with the audience.

That in itself is rather remarkable. I am not saddened by the news of the split, as I’ve had the pleasure to see the band live and own a copy of the cd. Instead, I look forward towards what is to come. I wish you well in all of your endeavors, as I believe Good Luck is only thrust upon those without natural talent and ability. Thank you for the inspiration.

-Amanda. - Amanda


All Songs Copyright©2003/2004/2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Una canción no puede parar un tanque, pero puede partirle el alma al guerrerro que lo conduce." - Sanz.

Manuel Enrique Céspedes was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Growing up in such a diversified community and being exposed to such an array of different music styles such as rock, funk, hip-hop, Latin, pop, and reggaeton - has inevitably made a huge impact, and affected Manny's musical faculty.

Manny C. has worked in various record label companies and music publishing houses - including BMG Latin and EMI Music Publishing. Under BMG and EMI, he’s had the opportunity to work side-by-side with artists such as Tego Calderon, Obie Bermudez, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Tony Choi, and LAB.

Additionally, Manny has appeared on local television shows and radio stations in Miami - such as Despierta America and Radiate 88.1 FM. In 1997, he began his formal studies of the guitar with private instructor - Oscar Gross. Upon completion in 1999 – He continued to foster his knowledge of the instrument by adding classical guitar to his musical palette – attending Florida International University’s Music Department.

Manuel has played lead guitar for local rock group, The Sure Fire ( - that’s recorded with Grammy-nominated producer James Paul Wisner (whom has worked with artists such as Dashboard Confessional, 36 Crazy Fists, Further Seems Forever, Underoath, and Lorene Drive), and was selected and played at the Florida Music Festival 2005 in Orlando, FL. He's also recently taken jazz lessons with private instructor and well-respected Miami-local musician - Mitch Farber, and has currently relocated to NYC - pursuing an accredited year program at The Collective in NYC.