My music is a fusion of latin/reggae,hip-hop, and house sounds. It carries a lot of dance elements that all these genres have. Its expressed by exotic sounds that build any ones curiosity to hear more/dance to and relate to.


I emphasize on innovation and originality. We live in a musical world of independence and large variety of genres.I would like to consider myself as the exception of any genre.I have a background of music that ranges from merengue to house/from salsa to reggae/from hip hop to bachata/from samba to rock/from R&B to cumbia.I can keep going but to make a long story short I am one of the few people that can genuinely bring all these worlds together in a tasteful manner without a gimmick and still manage to move the crowd which is my main goal in music. Give the people what they want and what they have been missing.


There are demo songs listed on myspace. Demos are available for download.Soon all of my songs will be available on Itunes. The myspace link is

Set List

2 sets that consist of 3 merengue/2 bachata 2 hiphop 1 raegae 1 raegaeton 1 optional depending on the crowd.Mostly songs are sung in Spanish.