Manny Tijamo

Manny Tijamo

BandRockAdult Contemporary

Rock oriented music mainly, but always trying to incorporate different styles and rhythms in each song.

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Music and Rhyme

Written By: Manny Tijamo

Manny Tijamo, 08/09/07

Always living a dream
Familiar how it all seems to be
Like the movie scene with the boy who gets his dreams.

Everything seemed so true,
There was nothing to make things unglued.
My mind was strong and there were ways to carry along.

Pre-Chorus 1:
Funny how love’s got the power to strip things away,
When our eye’s met, sense was lost, left with nothing to say.


Like the magic that sparks a child’s life to breathe
You make me want more, it’s you I just can’t wait to see.
And more and more that I’m near you my heart skips that beat,
Oh I need you,and I want you, but I'm left with only pain
The pain as the music and rhyme tie up in knots in me.

I bless the moment that we first met,
I've cursed all of the days since then,
Trying to will the way and words I'd use to connect.

Like on the way home up to our floor
Swore we spoke like never before
Our words danced off our lips our eyes touched and gazed like a kiss.

Pre-Chorus 2:
I woke with a start at the sound of the opened doors
Knew nothing was said as I ran out, I couldn't stand it much more.


No lyric can ever reveal the face of being in love
It ends as one not the same that you had known first of.
How can it be so hard to face you and to say all of the feeling for you inside my heart?



Time I let go these knots and tell you all about me
Say hello, say what you do to me, and let my heart sing free
Or I'll live with the pain as the music and rhyme tie up in knots in me.