Man of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows


Man of Sorrows is a mix of latin influenced metal and american hard core. Guitar and bass pump throughout. The drums/percussion are relentless and provide a unique flavor. All with spiritual lyrics that are enhanced by a truly remarkable voice talent.


Walking the ever-expanding line between hardcore and metal, Man Of Sorrows are a band pushing the boundaries of both genres. With nods to 80s hardcore and metal as well as taking inspiration from the current metalcore scene, Man Of Sorrows are also quite evidently creating a unique sound all their own.

Formed in 2005, Man of Sorrows locked themselves in a rehearsel room for almost a year. MOS did not leave until they created a unique and heavy sound that they could all agree would definately turn heads and melt faces. Coming out of the gates it was clear that MOS was ready to make an impact on the local SA scene.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Damian Muñoz screams, wails, and croons through the daily struggles and victories we all share. Be teleported on a spiritual journey of your soul through these songs of redemption, wrath, love, and discovery. This is the new sound of Christian Metal.
Man of Sorrows signed onto HairBall8 Records’ Christian sub-label Paloma Sound in the Spring of 2006, and have released their debut album internationally in the Fall of 2006 through Redeye Distribution. Also look for Man of Sorrow’s music to be available in August through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, SONY Connect, Yahoo, and AOL Music. And you can buy the CD direct from the HairBall8 Records webstore. Man of Sorrows is also available at Best Buy as well as through Best



Written By: Man of Sorrows

She said I can't be that holy girl that you want so bad,
So she chooses to go her own way and thats so sad.

A saddened life it turns into, if she only knew.
I want to see you break through.

Oh Lord I give this, over to you.
cause I can't take this no more.
Oh Lord I give this over to you, as I stand in the door.

Todo cambiara con oracion, mueve la mano de dios.
(Everything can change with prayer, God's hand will move)

You've gone from three to zero. I can feel your hunger pains.
You hang with people who need help and now you play their games.


A weapon of war. My face to the floor. I can't beleive this. I can't take no more. I'm on my knees everyday. Everyday I'll pray.


Written By: Man of Sorrows

I stand before you a broken man.
My life has failed me. Now I understand.

Your breaking me, refining me.
I'm made to suffer. X 2
Your breaking me, refining me.
I made you suffer. X 2

I pour myself out to pour Yourself in. Oh Lord refine me, and take all my sin.


I won't turn away. I won't turn my face. I won't walk away from you again.

You laid your life down, gave it to me. I don't deserve you, but you love me.

Everyday I make mistakes. It doesn't meand you walk away. So see your life and it's mistakes. Your dogmatic slumber needs to wake.


Written By: Man of Sorrows

You've given to me my vision and placed inside me love.
Erased all the pain inside and you took away death.

You've given to me your grace and placed inside me life.
Erased all the pain inside me and help me to see the light.

And the Walls come down.

Walls of hesitation create our hesitation.
You told me you loved me with no hesitation.

You've given to me peace of mind and taken from me death.
I cannot take much longer. I'm tired of pain and lies.


You gave a chance to me to love and I just fell away. Gave me a chance to redeem myself and prove myself again.

And the walls come crashing down.

Life from death.
You filled me again.


Man Of Sorrows - Self Titled Released Fall 2006.

The tracks "Refined" and " Dry Bones" are both on rotation on 99.5 Kiss Texas Traxx radio show.

Set List

Man of Sorrows has about three basic set times that we use. 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour. We do not play cover songs, all originals.

Typcial set:

Leaving Eden
Before I Suffer
Lest I Fall
Goodbye Luci