Manolo Panic

Manolo Panic

 Zürich, Zurich, CHE

MANOLO PANIC describes its sound as indie-electro-rock. Carrying instruments in their unique music are keyboard and guitar. Built on a solid rhythm of bass and drum, the songs are highly recognizable. The sound is rocking, groovy and engaging.


The band Manolo Panic emerged from a vision by Ramon Margharitis (lead vocals). In 2007, he formed the band called The Noodles along with Laura Frei (bass guitar), Erwin Weiler (keyboard) and Michael Fiedler (drums). Under that name they published their first EP "Unheard" in 2007.
Under the Name of MANOLO PANIC the band performed for the first time in spring of 2009. During that time, Janick Zumofen (lead guitar) joined the band. The EP "I WANT YOU TO KNOW" was published in fall of 2009.
The musical background of the five band members couldn't be more diverse. Pop and Rock as well as Funk and Blues are beautifully melted together in their music. This influence is very unique to the sound of MANOLO PANIC's indie electro rock.


I want you to know

Written By: Ramon Margharitis

Str.: What if you are the one
and I‘m still the same
What if you see it all
and I‘m still blind
You told me this is over
but I won‘t believe no I don‘t
I wanna feel your promise
next to mine

Ref.: I want you to know
it‘s just another day
there‘s another way to see
things in a different light
but you‘ve never tried

Str.: Your voice lets me believe
there is still hope
Your touch is like the
crown of perfection
and if you are crying I will
dry your tears hold you close
I will save and care for you
as long as you‘re the one

A friend of mine

Written By: Ramon Margharitis, Laura Frei

Str.: Memories, all those memories, are real proof so we know each other
well we know each other well
To me you are everything, I need you
I need you to live, to cry, to stay and to say goodbye
I’m really proud of what we’ve done, astonishing what we‘ve become

Ref. : Hey, don’t be afraid cause I will find you in the darkest night
Wait, I‘ll rush, I‘ll come to stay with you the whole night long

Str.: We told each other every little thing from our life
it doesn’t matter how senseless they were, it doesn`t matter
Someday I’ll be looking back with a smile
I promise I’ll never forget the time we had
I’m really proud of what we’ve done, astonishing what we become

Bridge: Maybe things are not as easy as they seem to be
But keep in mind there are no chains which we can‘t get free

Going home

Written By: Ramon Margharitis, Laura Frei

Str.: I look around in my room, I feel so insecure
Trip over empty bottles, the ashtray overflows onto the floor
When I look outside its just the same
I feel locked up in a place I don`t want to be

Ref.: Trying to leave this place
Going home

Str.: I‘m walking down the mainstreet with humans I don‘t need at all
I‘m feeling like a stranger between mr. and mrs. brightside
It‘s like a dead end but the end isn‘t seen so far
I want to leave before I drown

Bridge: There‘s nothing left to stay for
I don`t fit into my life anymore
I changed and i realised
I have to go to find myself

She made me forget

Written By: Ramon Margharitis, Laura Frei

Str.: I went down to my dirty car behind that was this dirty bar
I went in and i went out of my life into the crowd
Between the bodies and the disco lights
She was standing beside me beside

Ref.: Do you want to dance with me to night
Keep on dancing / Dance Dance

Str.: The next day she made me forget all the bad tastes in my mouth
I wanna go back i wanna see my lady again
Between the bodies and the disco lights
She was dancing beside me beside


EP "I want you to know" 2009

Set List

No Coversongs, all songs and music written by Manolo Panic!

Program 45', 60' and 90'

Example songlist:

Do it again
A friend of mine
Going home
I want you to know
I just lose my mind
Mrs. cocaine
Only in the night
She made me forget
You're not the only
In the city