Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

My Music is Catchy Soul touching by the minuet you start listening to my music. Wisdom Music,Dance Music Urban Music.


Songwriter,Producer, Performer, and Dj I've been doing this music stuff since 3 years old,Ever Since Run Dmc started wearing shell tops Since Mj started Moonwalking Since Uncle L been carrying around His boombox wearing kingo hats. My Music influences are: The Roots, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, The game, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Vanessa Carlton and N.E.R.D Dj Jazzy Jeff and Big Willie,Nobody Yet.
What set me apart from other artists I'm a all around Music artist when it comes to producing My own music. I Like To Explore Different Sounds, Other artist follow other artists styles of music and thats whats wrong with Todays Music Everyone wants to sound like the next band instead of following their own sound. I've Been Sidelined alot now its time for some new music to come from under the rug. I've been overlooked. I want to be heard and reconized for my music creation.


Life Co$t Death is Free EP/Download For Free At SoundCloud
New Album Project is in the Works Titled: Conquering The Odds Self Written and produced Album Release date March 13th 2013