Jae Apollo

Jae Apollo

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A young man from Brooklyn who hasn't always done everything the right way but he eventually found something he was in love with and extremely passionate about. He doesn't know how the end of the story will turn out but he is appreciating every chapter along the way


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jae Apollo grew to have a passion for music. Many have compared his music and style to fellow Brooklyn born rapper Jay-z, widely known as the greatest rapper alive. Ourstage.com wrote " Like Jay-z, Jae Apollo shares a similar attention to detail in his flows" in their article "Jae Apollo vs Jay z". Since the start of his music career he has been known for his witty punch lines and creative flows that captivate his listeners, and turn them in to loyal fans. True Magazine placed the young Jae Apollo in the "I Got Next" portion of there magazine which has featured in the past artist such as Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana. Hotnewhiphop.com selected Jae for there Heatseekers competition in which he was chosen as one of four Heatseekers. His first release in June 2011 "A Night at the Apollo" was just the beginning for this unique artist. Showing his true colors and holding nothing back he followed up with his recently released EP "All the right Mistakes" in July 2012. Reflecting on his 21 years of life, Jae put his heart into making this album true to himself. " It’s an introspective and clever record with a lot of potential, and I haven’t been this impressed with a rapper for a long time" writes hiphoplifeandtimes.com. Jae's philosophy is "Music, in my opinion, is everything. It has the unique ability to withstand the test of time and live forever. And thats what I want for my music." With a vision like that, the possibilities are endless. Get ready for the meteoric rise of Jae Apollo.


"A Night at the Apollo" June 2011
"All the Right Mistakes" July 2012