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"New release from new Elite"

‘SKELETONS’ is the newest offering from the burgeoning island music scene. The five track EP comes from exciting new talent, Manor Park Elite who as we speak are making waves all the way from the Hebrides to the Big Smoke.
Already having debuted at a number of gigs and with a plethora of promotional goodies flying around the town, it’s safe to say that anticipation for clean digital copies of the Leet’s unique brand of punk has reached mouth-watering levels.
And the EP more than satiates expectations.
‘We are Skeletons’ is a bouncy, foot tapping, jig inducing affair full of fire and passion, and while live, the Leet have always excited an audience, Niall Masson’s vocals have a whole new depth under the pressure of a saleable product.
Natural talent is tangible throughout the EP but peaks sensationally through second track ‘Clowns’, with an organic flow between drums, bass and lead guitar.
Things are reigned in a little to create third track ‘The Pixel’, which veers as close to a ballad as the town trio will ever get. Granted that’s still not very close, but the distorted guitars are paced slower, Masson’s vocals are more drawn out and there is a distinct dreamlike melody. Even when the distortion kicks in halfway through, the yearning screams make ‘Pixel’ an impassioned experience.
‘Plasticine’ is an unappreciated highlight of the release. Lyrics show real insight, and while some of the instrumental is a little messy there’s so much promise on display it’s impossible to ignore the notion you’re listening to a breakout hit.
And by the time final offering ‘Edward’ slinks into hearing range, high expectations have been well and truly surpassed as it becomes apparent that here are a young band that have more than enough raw natural talent to make an impact nationally.
Although there are quibbles; some of the instrumentals aren’t quite there yet and a few more tracks with the energy of ‘We are Skeletons’ wouldn’t go amiss, the biggest problem is that the EP is only five songs.
The problems stem mainly from the fact that, despite this being a first EP, the promise shown is so huge it’s easy to forget that the Leet are still finding their feet to some extent.
Already it’s apparent that the trio are destined for great things; with a little natural growth to their style, there will be no stopping them. - Stornoway Gazette


Skeletons ep



Manor Park Elite formed in Stornoway in the Spring of 2007 but are currently residing in Glasgow.

Hailing from an Island background of sorts this young trio of October birth, brought up on a delightful diet of Hebridean pop and whiskey driven lore have a love for the surreal. Describing their influences as a cross between 70's cult New York outfit Television, the contemperary Born Ruffians and the now defunct At the Drive-in, whilst blending a harder edge leaves the band content in the knowledge that their sound is a little hard to pinpoint. Manor Park Elite formed in Spring 2007 and have since aquired a chaotic live dynamic and a habit for losing their shoes mid set.