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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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RCSA is Londoner Ben Mercer, its the first I’ve ever heard of his music and to be honest its not a bad introduction! Tonight he’s playing his first ever show tonight. 9pm Notting Hill Arts Club, London.
- Be-Bop-Kids


Wow. Just, like wow. Demo material from mysterious rcsa here is sounding amazing. A pleading, begging vocal set against a dank, isolating back-beat make this track nothing but a compelling and deathly addictive mix. I’ve had it on repeat for the last half an hour or so, as if something has just clicked in the back of my head, I’m sat here longing for more. - the horror show tunez

"Introducing #162 // Right Click Save As"

As, is a clever chap. If you can get past his boyish good looks (although why would you want to?) and his ridiculously hipsterish (I don't like the word hipsteresque, it's too...hipsterish) haircut, you should be able to get behind the fact that he's currently making some damn good music. As James Cook of Spotisfaction says; "ever wondered what glitchy electro-pop would sound like if it was done by just one man and his acoustic guitar? The answer is RightClickSaveAs." And I can't really put it much better than that. Currently being managed by Manta Ray music, and lauded by Adam & Joe, Gill Miles (who runs 'Best Of Myspace') and now, of course, The 405, Right Click Save As should definitely have your musical radar dish kicking up a fuss. His new demo, 'House' is currently available alongside the rest of his music on soundcloud, but because we love you we've decided to offer you a little peek - I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! - the 405

"The Saturday Surf #4"

Next up is the geekily named Right Click Save As who delivers this rather good demo of prizeworthy-electro-indie-dance. The song is called House and with big swipes of lush synth and falsetto vocals there’s an undeniable similarity to the likes of Fenech-Soler coupled up with Friendly Fires. Right Click Save As is the solo project of one Ben Mercer and you don’t even need to click save as. Instead press the arrow download button below and the song is yours. Do it now.
- Breaking More Waves

"RightClickSaveAs Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, 30/03/2011"

Debut gigs are tough. Tough to play, tough to review. Expectations do that to music; and when a bands first headline gig is in deepest-trendiest-Hoxton, preconceptions are difficult to escape. What you need is to see an artist step up and make the presumptions obsolete. Taking this in his stride, RightClickSaveAs delivered the type of performance tonight, at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, that starts buzzes.

RCSA takes the vibrancy and hit-the-chorus ideals of indie pop and applies an electro aesthetic, allowing songs to flow like an electro banger and drop choruses with flooring melodies. Opener Fountain highlights this early on, utilising the progressive song structures of electro to present us with several catchy melodies before any chorus has really dropped. But drop it does, and with the euphoria of any Justice mix.

Other electro influences, from early house music, in the aptly titled House, to the glitch of set closer Pretty, seep through the show like a DJ mix, presenting a slick set of danceable, energetic and memorable tracks. But it’s during the encore that we get a glimpse of how the ideas form in RCSA’s head. An acoustic version of Drown uses flowing guitar lines that build upon each other like synths; his fusion of guitar music and electronic music at its most bare.

RCSA’s nervous energy and soaring vocals are complimented by the performances of his band, an impressively tight and confident set of musicians who you sense have helped these songs become as well-oiled as they already are. Even tackling a technical glitch during one song, this was an impressive, confident, polished performance that told the audience that RightClickSaveAs is one to look out for the future.

Source: God Is In The TV Zine (

- James Tae - god is in the tv


"RightClickSaveAs is forging a path where he’ll be equally at home on stage or behind a deck, with a full band or playing intimate one-man acoustic sets. Infectious and talented.."

James Cook - Spotisfaction

"Right Click Save As"

RIGHTCLICKSAVEAS is Ben Mercer and he plays modern synthy angular indie-pop. And we can’t stop listening to the music on his MySpace.

Lots of synths and desperation fuelled Futureheads-meets-Dexys-meets-er-well-rightclicksaveas vocals. If we were lazy (and we are) we’d say that if Ellie Goulding can turn folky acoustic songs into lightweight pop chart-toppers, then this chap can take things a whole league higher with his very credible electronic pop.

- The Office Stereo

"Best Of Myspace - Right Click Save As"

"A very full sound for one man and his electronic band. Like he’s got Friendly Fires trapped in his Juno and Foals are trying to free them."

Gill Miles, Best of MySpace - Myspace


It’s felt like an age since I last posted, so sorry about that. Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you with a couple of free tracks from an artist who has me very excited indeed.

His name is Ben Mercer, but you can call him RightClickSaveAs. I remember the first time I saw Bon Iver play a song live was on Jools Holland a few years ago, and what really struck me (apart from how brilliantly amazing the song was) was how much he fucking meant it when he sang. I love that in a musician. This is a different style of music, but listen to a track like Hype and you get a similar sense of the artist really giving a shit. You can hang out in the trendiest clubs in the trendiest parts of the trendiest cities gazing at your shoes all day, but ultimately music sounds so much better when you’re not bullshitting around worrying about what you look like and what other people think.

Shit, bit of a rant that, you can tell I haven’t written anything for a few days. ANYWAY, back to me. Check out Ben’s tekkers cover of the xx and you can see that this boy can play. Then listen to his studio tracks and you can hear that he’s pretty handy with electronic music-making-machines too. Fans of his might already have the track Cheat that he made available through his facebook, but this is the first time that Pretty has been available for download. Told you I’d make it up to you. - Seven Sevens


"Captain" (double A-side "Drown") - 7th May 2012



MANORS combines the talents of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ben Mercer and electro producer OKI. Blending influences in pop, dub and electronica they create a catchy, streamlined and heavily danceable electro-pop. Capable of soaring vocals, heavy breaks and intimate pop, MANORS matches energy and dynamics with smart and infectious songwriting.
Live, an agile and geometrically satisfying 2-piece mixes synth work with an array of live instruments and percussion, showcasing a commitment to performance and proving MANORS one of the most dynamic electro-pop artists around.
First single release “arms” is accompanied by 3 remixes curtesy of Olugbenga (Metronomy), Virtual Riot and Cats Hero.