Mano's Daughter

Mano's Daughter


Lush female fronted electro pop, layered and anthemic. Think Little Dragon meets portishead, Polica, and Florence and The Machine mixed with mighty synth lines.


Mano’s Daughter is an electronic synth band based in London UK. The group consists of Sarah Carter (Vocals), Matthias Garrick (Synths, programming) and Dan See (Drums).

Formed 2 years ago the band have spent this time writing a debut album and putting together a tight, well rehearsed live show. Since Jan 2013 the band have been focusing on getting onto the live scene and creating videos for 3 singles from their debut album.

In February 2013 the band were selected to go through to the second round of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition by esteemed music blog Whitenoise.

They are a mixture of Little Dragon, Florence and The Machine, with hints of Lana Del Ray. Live they are an explosive three piece, with their almost anthemic choruses and haunting vocals.

Their influences range from The Invisible, Foals, Everything Everything to Bon Iver, Portishead and Moloko. Mano’s Daughter make songs and song-writing the heart of their sound. The story and production values both play an equal part in this band’s finished product.

Press Clippings:

Larry Day Bearded Maazine:
"If you're looking for spectacular, bold, torrents of electropop, look no further....If songs so massive the band struggle to keep them confined to disc are your thing, then Mano's Daughter might just be your new favourite band."

The White Noise Blog:
“The synth-pop duo of Sarah Carter and Matthias Garrick, Mano’s Daughter, caught my attention with their dark trip-hop track ‘The Machine’. The intro and verses are nostalgic of Massive Attack and Portishead past records with a heavy chorus harmonizing echoes of ‘Can we go back?’ that compares with other popular up and coming electronic duos birthing from Brooklyn, NY. I could definitely see this band playing on main stage or supporting tours with Polica, Phantogram or MS MR. A fantastic new find with a far future ahead.”

Simon Li USM:
I've come across Mano's Daughter before and I like. Luscious synths, pure toned Female Vocals and more than a little nouse of songwriting and arrangement. With these sort of Acts there's always a question of how the Produced sound comes across live. I will check. Hopefully in Ibiza!

Nerve Radio:
With a voice not too dissimilar to Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, or at a push, Florence ‘the Machine’ Welch, lead singer Sarah's lyrics flow eloquently in this funky, pulsating pop record. With a punchy, Electro dubbed drum beat and a neatly layered synthesizer plugging away in the background, this a smooth, chic effort from the exciting three-piece.