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If it's easy, it's not worth the time.

At least, it's not worth The Manoucheri Trio's time.

The classic rock band from O'Neill is known for its musicianship, and lead guitarist and vocalist Adam Manoucheri said the band often tries things other musicians won't.

"The thing we pride ourselves on is musicianship," Manoucheri said. "That's what we get a lot of feedback on. Plus, we have invested in a fairly elaborate light show. It's generally more than you'd see with a small regional band."

The Manoucheri Trio - also featuring George Marshall on drums and Orv Morrow on bass - will perform Saturday at Whiskey River in Madison.

Although the three have only been together little more than a year, the frontman has a storied past in the local music scene. Manoucheri and his brother, David, started playing in the Nine O'clock Blues Band in 1994, which became The Manoucheri Band around 2000 when they started playing more rock than blues.

In 2001, the brothers and a couple of players from Omaha released an album. When David Manoucheri moved to Sacramento to take a job with a CBS affiliate, Adam Manoucheri started playing with Loco, another O'Neill-based group until it disbanded in 2007.

Adam Manoucheri, who spends his days as a pharmacist, was idle musically for the next year - until things started falling in place again for what soon become The Manoucheri Trio.

"We've been able to make a lot of progress as a trio," Manoucheri said. "We're all willing to work at it and work hard at it. This has ended up being a lot closer to what I had envisioned and trying to do for years."

Since the three members like Manoucheri's writing and have similar tastes in cover music, it's easier for the band to not only select but also perform their set list, which is mostly covers with a few originals mixed in.

Fans have become accustomed to mostly 1970s covers, especially British rock with American flare mixed in. Some of their favorite covers are from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and ZZ Top. The band also is mixing in a few new originals from an album due out later this year.

"I've been meaning to do (an album) for a while now, but this and that and everything got in the way," Manoucheri said. "I built a record studio, so it was a matter of getting it all together and start recording."

Manoucheri said fans are often pleasantly surprised by the music they hear from the band. Although not many covers receive radio airplay, he said the songs are easily recognizable.

"We're not a party band or get crazy," he said. "We do what we do, and we do it well. For people who enjoy music, they're going to come out and enjoy the music. If they think they're not going to know what's being played, I bet they will. That's what usually happens." - Norfolk Daily News


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Some bands choose to augment and/or hide mediocre musicianship with flamboyant stage antics…or perhaps rather risqué contests…all of which have their place… Not for this band. Make no mistake, they are all about having fun…but not at the expense of the music. Rest assured however that they take the music far more seriously than they take themselves… Their set list consists of a mixture of Manoucheri originals, and some more familiar (and many not often attempted) classic rock covers.
The Band traces its roots to the Manoucheri Band, formed by brothers Dave and Adam Manoucheri, which grew from the Nine O’Clock Blues Band, all hailing from Omaha, NE. After an opportunity for Dave arose at a Sacramento CBS affiliate, he relocated, as did Adam to his hometown of O’Neill, NE. Desiring to keep the Manoucheri sound alive, the Manoucheri Trio was formed in the fall of 2008, consisting of Adam Manoucheri (guitar/vocals), George Marshall (drums/vocals) and Orv Morrow (bass/vocals).
Adam Manoucheri is one of the few legal drug dealers in the music industry…a pharmacist. Since he picked up his first guitar at age 10, Adam has been a part of the music scene in the region in many ways ever since. One could attempt to throw labels on his playing and voice…but in the end, he prefers to try to find his own place, label-free as it were.
George Marshall has been infatuated with the drums ever since sitting at the foot of Buddy Rich as a young boy…his dedication to all things percussion is unrivaled. George has played with countless bands in countless places (not least of which being Chuck Berry), as most gifted musicians do. He has played with Adam in various bands and situations ever since they met when Adam was still in high school…and they continue to push ahead in the Trio.
Orv Morrow is no stranger to music himself. How many farmers do you know that saw Led Zeppelin live in the 70s? Exactly. Taking up the bass playing duties, Orv offered his services when other options had fallen through for Adam and George…and they obviously agreed! Orv had played with the other two in several other bands, and knew his services to be worthwhile to say the least.
And so the Trio was complete. By now you are probably asking yourself, who do they sound like? What is their "label"? Not an easy question...but for sure, they are reminiscent of a time when the music itself mattered most.